#VisitPerth2014 Day 3

Everyday wake up in the morning is a new day of life for and full of exciting happening to discover here! Is very lucky until today no rain to kacau my family trip here at Perth! Yesterday day we got the Toyota Tarago so we plan to go a bit for away from city. The first stop we went to Spencer Village to have breakfast there! At Spencer Village there is a Asian food court there. Just about 20-25 minutes drive from city.... It has a lot of our home town foods can find there. Halal food also  have too! You want Singapore fried BeeHoon, Malaysia Peneng fried kway teow, Indonesia Nasi Ayam Penyet, Philipine Bulalo all have lah!! Come here sure you can find the foods you missing back in your home town! Now only that.. If you want the instant noodle like Indonmee or cans foods also have there. Looking for Halal meat also have!!! Is a very convenient places for we all Asian. One more thing must introduce you all is here have a bakery shop ther egg tart very famous one! If you come here must try it... I also bought half dozen tapao back home. Not need to reheat also yummy! After our brunch we again our trip... Drive about 45 minutes we heading to Roleystone and having fun at the Araluen Botanic Park!! This place you can see different type of rose, flower and some of Australia plants!! The timing is right own time coz the Mapel tree is turning color here! It so beautiful from far you'll see red and orange hill!! 

This is the Spencer Village... Macam macam ada here from our kampong!! 

Most of the foods here are Singapore and Malaysia!! Looks like many of them has migrated here! 

We come early... Now still not much people that why our foods come fast!! If weekend here full house! Wanna have a seat also susah! 

The lady boss from Penang. Speak Hockian. I order Peneng Fried Kway Teow. 

Is more like a normal fried Kway Teow coz they don't have Chinese sausage and cockles. If has nyaman tu!! 

Next door is the shop selling halal meat!! Who say halal foods are hard to find?? 

If you miss the Indonmee here also have! 60¢ only... But of coz this one is not same like ours one with the raw egg!! Can tahan lah.. I bought two home for tomorrow breakfast 

This is the shop sell famous egg tart one lah!! Curry puffs, kaya buns, durian swissrolls, pandan butter cake macam-macam ada!! 

We arrived at Araluen Botanic Park! Very beautiful here!! 

The Mapel tree ngam ngam turning color!! Beautiful right!! I just use my iphone camera take this as you can imagine the real one here more awesome! 

Grandmom teach the granddaughter the type of Mapel tree seed and the leaf!! 

After the park we came here Sizzler to have late lunch!!! 

As usual lah...before going back home we stop by at supermarket to buy foods to cook for tonight! Woolworths