#VisitPerth2014 Day 12

This is the day 12 of my #VisitPerth2014 time fly very fast.... Soon our perth holiday is gonna end so have to enjoy as much as possible here lah. Tomorrow is the last day of renting the Toyota Tarago so before returning back today we use it gao-gao lah. After makan breakfasts at home our first stop is go Sation Street Markets. Actually we came here yesterday already but it didn't open coz this market is only open on weekend Friday-Sunday!!! Although is a weekend market but while we masuk the places is more like a international food court... Hahahah!! Most of the shop inside here are selling foods!! It has Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Greece, India, Indonesia, English, Thailand, Vietnam and more!! Then when you order your food they give you a number once ready they send to your table just like you eat at the Gadong mall food court. After you makan got people come to clean up for you!  Now is winter I can say is the best time come here coz not hot.. If summer come hot die you lah!! My lunch I have Paelle!! Is a Spanish food... The reason I order is because I was attracted by their Pan!!! It was so big like a size of lorry wheel!! Hehehe I was thinking if I buy the pan go back home use it for gerai Ramadhan sure got good business hehehe. After the station street markets we went to Harbour Town do a little bit shopping there! This place is like a outdoor shopping mall!! Quite big lah.. But I so notice here the shop most of them are those sport brand and now almost very shop having sale. After here them we go to bunnings warehouse and buy some stuffs and also take some free boxes and ready for tapao out stock back home!! Remember next time when you want to take boxes come to bunnings coz here they don't provide plastic bag and recomamded we all use box or recycle bag!! After the bunnings I went to Dick Smith an electronic shop and look for a thing I want to buy from the day 1 I'm here which is a cooler box which can plug in car lighter 12v. Yeah is my lucky day again I found it.. Is a 7 liter cooler and warmer 2 in 1. Can fit about 7-8 cans and is just nice to fix in between the front seat of my Hulkjero!! Guess how much?? Is only $45.00 here.. That day I found one same brand Dick Smith one bigger a bit only $75.00 but too bulky not nice and cannot put in front!! This small one is just perfect to me!! 
Today we went home early so bring my kids to the Swan Lake and play at the park.. Guess what we saw!! Is 4 dolphin swimming at the Sawn River!! I came here many times but never see got dolphin. The dolphin so cute can swim together with us while we walk at the part!! What a awesome day.. If everyday can like that Siok lah... Hehehe

This is inside the Starion Street Markets. Got selling fresh fruits and vege, flowers and plants... But foods is all I see lol

Look at the pan!! Big right... I wonder how to tapao them back!! If use this cook curry Ayam nyaman or not oh.

This is my lunch at the market. Chicken Paelle from Spanish Cusine.

Apple Strudel.... Who want to tapao heheheh if I know how to make I'll open one back in my town!! 

Harbor Town!! 

Remember no smoking here oh.

Lol found a funny candy selling in a candy shop here at Harbor Town!! 

Here come to our next stop Bunnings warehouse! I alwasy love to see their BBQ pit.. It was so nice looking and cheap here!! Like this one you see here the cabinet and BBQ pit all in one less than 1k!!! 

At bunnings also got DIY your garden!! Macam-macam of flower also have!! 

This is what I see at the Swan River!! Perth City Sunset with Dolphins!!! Awesome...

Check out 2 in 1 12v cooler warmer box!!
Only $45.00 come with 12 months warranty can put my drinks liao!!  Best gadget of all I bought in my trip!!