#VisitPerth2014 Day 11

This is day 11 my #VisitPerth2014. Already more than a weeks here so today  we went further out of city look for a place that we never been. We found a place is call Coventry Village at Walter Road, Morley. This is place is like a big warehouse then inside the warehouse has hundred of self storage as the shop. Walking inside feel like walking a Asian shop! Selling led light, shirt, mobile phone accessory, carpet.... We have out of idea where want to go already.. If go Albany or go see the wave rock macam too far and is nothing for my kids! Anyway... My #visitperth2014 is almost come to the end already.. Few more days we coming back to home!! Doesn't matter how good is the other country nothing can better than HOME!!  

This is how inside the Coventry Village look like!! 

Found a cafe name sultan!! 

This is really rare to see cut hair $10.00 only!! I think is the cheapest one in Perth!! 

Oh... Singapore Chicken Rice!! Ok lah today luck eat here! 

I had Laksa!! Mmm not bad! 

Hey... I saw our flag!!! 

Is for free.... Who want??