#VisitPerth2014 Day 10

This is the day 10 my #VisitPerth2014 wow their weather forecast really best lah.. So chun and acuracy, Last night the weather news report said today start entering weather and yes it does!! Start from today the temperature tottaly feel different from the day 1 till day 9 when I'm here!!

So due to the cold weather today we no more having outdoor activity coz takut my 2 anak cannot tahan or later get sick! We only went to Garden City for shopping there. I found a lot shops having sale.. Some even up to 70%. 
After the day 10 here suddenly I missed to eat chicken rice so I ask people in FB and more of them their recomamdation is try the Tak Chee's chicken rice at the North Bridge there... So I go try last night there... Check out my other post about their chicken rice later!

This is the Garden City shopping mall!!

It has about 270 shop here enough for you to shop here for half day already!! 

Before we start shopping gonna makan lunch first!! 

I have a burrito for lunch!! At first I don't want to have too heavy meal so go order this but still the size can feed 2 person!! 

I found some intersting staff here... Have you ever see this type of sony speaker? Can use for DJ mixing at your studio. Changing light in the woofer!! 

Cooler box use 12v car charger to cool your drinks! 11 liter around 16 cans only $75 saja!! I'm thinking to get one and put inside the car!! Not often see this type of cooler box selling.. ARB and Ironman have but thousand plus.. This one less than 100 dollars saja!! 2 year warranty add on $15.00 

I think I need to get another bag for our things buying here!