#VisitPerth2014 Day 1

Oh... What a sunny day here!! Finally once again family mid-year holiday trip we back to Perth again! Today is the day 1 here arrived 5:45am. The flight delay landing due to the heavy foggy until cannot see clearly the runway!! First day as usual one very tired but still cannot stop us to go eat Dimsum breakfast! So after arrived home and rest 2 hours straight away we go North Bridge eat Dimsum. Today Perth also celebrate the WA Day is public holiday here!!! So in the city is has a lot of activities, street performance, Fun Fair, cooking competition. We saw the news tv they also has dinosaur discovery at the Western Austrialian Musuem so bring the kids go there see see look look!! 
Is a great fun day in the city so much enjoy with my family here thanks to the nice weather feels like in aircon room. After the fun in Perth City we went to Coles at Victoria Park Center to buy some grocery. I need to get my favorite chocolate milk for my tomorrow morning breakfast and tonight dinner!!
and tomorrow I we gonna get a car for 7 seater if not cannot fit my family here. FYI here have a lot of strict rules like must use seatbelt even the back passenger. I even need 2 baby car seat for my kids!! If not later kana saman gao gao tu!! Hope tomorrow can get the car lah! 

Yahoo.... Is Dimsum time!! I like the Dimsum here coz is bigger and nice!! The prawn dumpling and siumai the 2 times larger than us one!! Of coz the price here also higher too!! 

Every way here celebrating the WA Day!!! Western Australia Day is a public holiday in Western Australia, celebrated on the first Monday in June (2 June in 2014) to commemorate the founding of the Swan River Colony in 1829. Because of the celebration of Western Australia Day, WA does not celebrate the Queen's Birthday Holiday in June, as most states do; it is held in September or October instead.

If our Jerudong park can have so many people come play like this.

Free balloons for kids and babies!! My two angels also have!! But cannot tahan lama... One fly up to the ceiling inside the Musuem, one no gas already after reach home!! 
My daughter also want to be a butterfly too!! 

Inside the here Western Australian Musuem is actually like a liabery but today it coverup and become a Jurassic Park!!! 

Is grocery time! Coles is one of our favorites place to buy foods and household items!! 

Two things I mustn't forget!! My chocolate milk for tomorrow morning and beef for tonight dinner!! 

Bring my daughter to the park!! The last time he came here is just a baby girl... Now she can play by herself here not need to jaga! 

While my daughter playing in the park I enjoy my sunset view!! That the Perth City! 
Dinner ready to serve!! Simple cook saja!! Tomorrow I do grill chicken...