Trash Truck Story

You know what... that day Monday I went down to Miri to pick up my sister on my way almost reach to Tutong town and I saw got police at the highway stop at the road side and have many orange cone place on the road there the first thing in my mind I said.. Jialat liao lah don't tell me is the road block man!! Later sure ask this ask that about my Hulkjero one.
Then when I see got people working on the road baru I senang hati... But this is something very rare lah... How come at this afternoon got people cleaning the road one? then I realize the road is very dirty and smelly too!
Sekali I baru know that is the rubbish fall out from the rubbish truck!!! Is about a kilometer long man. I don't know how it happen lah but looks like the door cannot hold anymore the rubbish so it broke.
I ever imagine that what if the rubbish truck suddenly the motor or hydraulic rosak then suddenly open the door and push out the rubbish and fall all the rubbish on the road there... hehehe finally I see it today!!! Jialat lah can't believe this really happen. Maybe next time I should imagine that the money fall from the sky and I got it all.. hahahah
Btw.... after this incident I kind curious about the rubbish truck. I wonder what are the other type of truck it has in the world. Coz I know last time I went to US and I saw some of them are very different from what we have here. Then I found a video in youtube baru I know there is so many type of the rubbish truck I never see it!! I embed the video and share with you all!! Click it...

Don't know how many meter already and still got rubbish..

Lucky notice early... it not jialat lo!!!