The Energy Kitchen

Looking for a new place to eat? Boring those oily and heavy foods? Now we have a new restaurant in town which is own by our local celebrity Wu Chun one at his Kiulap Fitness Zone there. You don't see Wu Chun fit fit like that.. He also a food fans.. He love to eat too like us too especially pancake. He love it so much and now he open the restaurant call Energy Kitchen it serve healthy foods! 
Few days ago Wu Chun invited media and blogger came to try out the foods. I'm kinda impress with the dishes there and didn't know pancake can be so much way to eat! 
Not only the foods is nice there but also the place very country style very relax! This place remind me of a ice-cream house I went at perth with my family! 
Thanks to Wu Chun now I have another place to makan here! 

Wah.... So lucky Wu Chun serve us makan!! Heheheh