Tak Chee House Chicken Rice

After the day 10 here at Perth I suddenly felt want to eat chicken rice.. Then ask some reader in my FB page and many of them their recomamdation is go to the north bridge to try the Tak Chee's chicken rice. Then I go google and look for this place I just discover there is an apps call Urbanspooon is all about the Restauarnt in perth here!! So we makan at the Tak Chee House to try their chicken rice... The chicken rice here are more like the KL style.. Like Nga Choi Kai Bean Sprout Chicken! Don't have cucumber.. Ok lah cucumber or Bean sprout both also can for me!! As long as is chicken rice lah!! Not bad yo... The chicken rice here.. But I still think our one are better.. Hehehe 
Tak Chee not only just have chicken rice. They also have a lot other Peneng foods too like the laksa, Peneng fried Kway Teow, satay, roti telor...macam-macam lah!! One thing susah come here is car park only lah... Very hard to find! I pusing-pusing 15 minutes also don't get one so last last park at a Pay Parking Lot cost me 9 dollars for 2 hours!!

Know you can see the many and the prices!! Isn't it we are lucky? 

We order half cut chicken!! Yummy yummy!! 

Not bad with their rice!! If using our thai rice I'm sure is much more better!

This is Loh Bak!!! 

Their chicken rice chili is more spycy than us but compare with KL one consider light already!!