Pappa Roti At Sungai Wang

Have you heard about this bread in Malaysia call Pappa Roti??  Never kan!! Never mind coz most of us only know Pappa rich saja at Gadong there. Now let me introduce you  to try they bread at Sungai Wang there. Pappa Roti is has a lot of outlet around the world... Is a Malaysia local franchise famous until CNN also got coverage too! What so special about this Pappa Roti?? Sampai the Dubai people can buy 50 pieces tapao hotel makan and next day come back and tapao again!! I think is because the bun is outside crispy inside soft!! And it has a unique taste... Smell like coffee but when eat it don't have coffee smell! Pappa Roti only have one Bun!!! Yes... Just one Bun!! Not others and yet it can sell more than few thousand pieces in one day!! They only have one type of bun but you can add on the toppin which come with 6 different flavors, most popular one is the chocolates one. In KL only have one outlet here which is located at Sungai Wang just next to the Auntie Anne's. Someone please bring them in lah... Our us got more things to eat in town here!! Yummy.... 

Check out their ououtlet video here!

It has 6 differents type off flavor for you add on!! 

I try on the chocolate one.. Is really nice but you must eat it while is fresh and hot lah. If tapao already I'm sure the texture is different sudah! You must eat it hot and the bun is crispy outside!!

Then inside is look like this one.. Very soft... One is not enough one, I'm sure you going to eat 2 after your first bun!!