More Plastic Bag Generate

This is my first take away lunch I tapao at the first day of Puasa! 
As you all know now the new rule just set non-muslim also cannot eat at the restaurant during the day time! Only can tapao back home or you office or in your car eat up to you lah... as long as no at public lah!
After I finish my lunch and I looking at the styrofoam food box I just realize one thing. During the Puasa this is the time we use more Plastic Container, Plastic Bag, Styrofoam, Plastic bottle. Plastic food wrapper... All kind of thing to tapao our foods!! People are 10 times more as normal day to buy foods back home and eat! Before non-muslim can eat in the restaurant but now cannot anymore only allow tapao. This also mean that non-muslim we tapao their breakfast and lunch so which mean that more plastic bag and container are using right?
This also tell me that we in this month more rubbish generate lah correct?
So I just suddenly have this idea to share with you all... Please bring you recycle bag and food container to go buy your breakfast and lunch.
If there is a sign provided to you Gerai Ramadhan food stall say bring your own reusable bag and container to tapao you food isn't a good idea? Since now is a holy month and I/m sure the people will willing to do so! Even the non-muslim also can take part of this to care our land learn to keep our country clean and less use of plastic bag!!!
During this month we clean our Body and Soul but at the same time we dirty our land and country!
Please take a time think about it... a plastic bag we just use it less than  few minutes from the stall to our car.. then from the car take out and back into our house. It just us for few minutes saja then we throw away but this plastic bag especially the styrofoam stay there for hundred year!!!
So please if CAN.... bring your own food container and recycle bag to tapao your food!!