MacBook Down

Four years.... exactly four year and finally this my macbook pro down for this very first time!  
This is the first time he sick real bad... for all this while I just turn it on 24/7 unless is bring her go travel then shut it down! 
The screen suddenly show a file icon with a question mark inside it I not sure what does it mean.. and it can't run the OS so yesterday bring her go see the doctor at Kuilap and pay $40.00 the nurse told me my Mac hard disk rosak and need to replace a new one!! So not all my date in the book is all gone lah.. Lucky I got back up for the photo and video if my 2 little princess if not really cry also no tears! 
Now nothing I can do about it lah.. everything have to start all over again! especially some account and passwords. 
Today I just got a mail is about the clinic.... if I want to do operation I have to pay $329.00 to save her life! Pay first then operation... hehehe now not like last time you can do first then later pay!!
So look like no other choice lah have to do liao. If not do also sayang right!
I wonder is this a sign that tell me to get a new iMAC oh...hehehe. I actually want to get a iMac already but this few years my eyes like not really good can't sit long in front of the monitor to look at the screen. My eyes will fell tired and see thing blur. I go check my eyes degree is ok maybe that is because of the computer make my eyes tired lah! So now I recently night time seldom sit in front of my computer already! I love the 27 inch iMac but if I get that first must get a bigger table and put far a bit from me!

Why rosak on this time when I just come back from vacation... You know that I have to break another piggy bank just for you ka!!! 

Alang-alang might as well upgrade the ram lah..I want 32 GB please... hehehe

Oh I just know that their labour charge now are counted by hour!!!