Little Creatures Pale Ale Really Awesome

If you are a beer lover come to Perth there is a place you must visit! At Fremantle there is a self brewing beer factory+restaurant they have very fine beers there! As usual lah.. I love Pale Ale go far far come here that their beer I want to try!! Not only that... I even want to tapao back home. The beer name is call Little Creatures!!! The logo is an angel holding a mug of beer. At the Little Creatures they not only have good beers but also serve nice food too! Remember this... Try their Kangaroo Satay!!! Nyaman lah bro no kidding one and their pizza also very famous too!! So come follow me my #VisitPerth2014 Day 6 I show you their place

To find this place not so hard! Drive from city to Fremantle  is about 50 minutes and it just next to the famous fish and chips Kailis Fish Market Cafe. 

This place is where they brewing their beer and also the restaurant!! You can choose dinn inside or outside!!

I never see this type of Tap!! 

Oh... So this is where the beer come from lah... Ok beer me.. Hehehe

Very nice to their customers... You can grab a blanket here if you feel cold.

They also have a tour to show you how they brew the little creatures beers!! You can even hold your beer one side drinking one side listening...

On the left is the Kicthen, front is outdoor dinning. 

This is their menu!! Prices is reasonable...

So what is your beer?? 

This is out order!! Fresh Oyster!! Yummy yummy!!

Cucur Udang with Ubi and Ulam!!

This is a must to try! Kangaroo Satay!! Yesterday went to see Kangaroo at Cavesham Wildlife Park but today come eat them.. Feel guilty but still really tender and juicy!!

To the Little Creatures, Perth, Frememtal, WA.... Cheers!!!

Tapao balik kampong!!! I really like their Pale Ale here!! ?