How To Smuggling Durian Pancake LOL....

This is the best moment I have during the Perth trip come back to Brunei via Kuala Lumpur try to tapao back the this very yummy yummy Durian PanCake back home. 
The story is like that one....I saw someone post this food in the IG then the last day we in Mid Valley I saw this thing at the basement one auntie selling it! I was very curious and ask my wife want to buy one back to the hotel and try or not.. then she say Ok so we bought one.. One packet selling RM12.00 inside got 6 pieces! I know inside the pancake is got durian but did not expected the smell was so strong!! Before we open and eat it in the room my wife she tot got gas leaking and call the hotel come and check Lol....
Then after we try it we all fall in love with this cake instantly. It so soft and creamy inside! If you are a Durian Lover I guaranty you like it Durian Pancake! Inside it really have Durian like you eat the real durian... not the normal cake house sell durian cake mix with flour or cream!! This is reallll Durian inside!
So I told myself we must bring some of this back home and let our family try it! 
I ask some people opinion how to tapao durian and most of that say use container, cling wrap, newspaper, coffee powder etc....
Ok ok.. die die I must try one time lah... Coz this pancake got cream inside and my cold it, I know if i put in the luggage and put in the cargo the cake maybe turn bad or as yummy as now! So I must try to bring in the aircraft. 
To say bring it in to the plane I think is more like we try to Smuggling it lah..hahahaha
We buy 3 container and cling wrap at the Daiso 3rd floor of Mid-Vallay then in the morning 2:30am me and wife start tapao it! we wrap and wrap.. then put coffee powder from the hotel's mini bar then wrap again. Suddenly I notice I wrap it like wrapping the drugs.... hahahahahah
exactly look like in the tv those people try to smuggling drugs there. 
At this moment I more worry already... I so takut later the customs question me what is inside and put me into another room for investigation LOL.
Lucky everything is smooth lah... and I safe manage to bring back the Durian Pancake for my family and buddies to try.. all of them love it very much!
I really recommended you have a try this if you go KL Mid Valley there! You gonna love it Bruthers!
But if you want to tapao make you wrap it very good oh... if kana takap don't tell the RB crew is me teach you OK..... hahahaha

This is where I saw the Durian Pancake selling and went to Daiso buy the container and cling wrap!!

Look I wrapped!!! Isn't it make you think inside is drugs hahaha!!!

All landed save and good shape!!! Yummy.