How To Repair Your iPhone Cable?

I'm sure everyone of you who own a iPhone, iPad or iPod you all a have the same this problem like my!! The cable always broken or lose at the end both end especially the side to connect the iOS devise one. What we do is just ignore it until is getting bigger and bigger continue using it till the day we decide to buy a new one... Right!!! hehehe I also so the same thing here. Is not we lazy or what so ever.. It just that most of us don't know what to do about it. we know that we can just use the cable tape to tape it.. but this is making the cable look more ugly coz it really thick after that!
Now I have  a little idea and want to share with you all how to fit it and still not look ugly with cable and reliable! All you need is this two type of thing. The water pipe tape and light!!!
Is really simple to do... Roll the cable with the tape and then use the light slightly heat it for a while. 
Not need gum or what... simple as ABC!!! try it Bruthers hope you like my idea here! 

This water pipe tape you can easily buy it from any kedai runcit, hardware store or supermarket!! The lighter aiya not need I tell, you also know where to get one lah right!

Start roll it 2 inch away first then return back to where it start! 

Then use lighter heat it just for awhile. Beware of burn your cable oh coz the water pipe type is very thin to melt one!!!

Done Bruthers!!!is white color some more hehehe now can use it and see when it broken again lah!