Good Fortune Roasted Duck Special Offer Today!!!!

Buy buy buy... No buy you lugi!!! Only $15.00 for a roasted duck when you can have this lobang here all the time!! So today no matter what I also have to be like them Kiasu style go queue up and buy one go home eat!!!! 
Remember few days ago I post in my #VisitPerth2014 Day 5 I went to eat Dimsum at Vic Park there? We saw a advert that a Chinese restaurant having a special promotion start on today 12/06/14 they roasted duck selling only $15.00 during the time 5pm-6pm every Thurday each person only can buy one duck!! So today is the day when we reach there by 4:45pm but already see got people line up queue about 30 meter long already!!! Wah... I tot  only Singaporean kiasu, here also kiasu too so early already queue up! Look like Kiasu things is not only for Singaporean... 
I heard this is the Good Fortune Roasted Duck House first time doing this... Even the next door shop people also come out and see what happening... Why so many people linu up there!! And the cars also slow down and see what's going on!! I had counted there in just less than half an hour already sold out 100 ducks.. Wow look like very good response oh! I also see not only parents came here and buy.. Some oversea students also tapao back home and eat... Save money ma only 15 dollars who don't want oh!!! 
We no greedy one.... Just buy one bird tapao home saja!! And I found their duck are more healthy type not much if fats!! So after this first day I'm sure next week got more people come and queue up buy their ducks lah!

This is where the Good Fortune Duck House at the Vic Park there!! 

When are arrived the queue is this long already!! 

99% is all Chinese here... Including me!! Hehehe

The line moving quite fast!! We wait about 30 minutes to get our duck!!!

I wonder this marketing can work at our town or not oh... Lucky, golden leaf, 四海亭maybe you can follow try one time too!! I'll be there queue for your ducks too!!!

Only 15 dollars... Worth it lah!!! Got give sauce some more!! 

Really not bad 👍👍👍 I love it but don't dare eat much coz takut later GOUT come attack me... Hehehe