Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2014

This the moment the Sungkai Buffet coverage is back! Every year this Puasa time always make my belly turn bigger and bigger... No time to say good bye for my fat belly hahahaha
This year the first sungkai buffet I show you all what we have at the first day of Puasa!
Excapade invited the Media and social blogger to try out their buffet. Eh honestly I tell you I didn't eat that day as you know my style the first week I normally don't go eat the sungkai buffet one... Because I no fasting I should let the Muslim friends to have the seat for them and let them enjoy the meal!! So today I just went there and take take pictures and share with you what do they have! Btw... Excapade food I'm sure most of you know how was it already.. I not need to tell how nice and delicious one right! 
This is their price....Adult $29.90 children only $14.90 more than 50 different dishes. I think is worth it lah $29.90 per person... some time me and my wife go there eat Ala Cart simply nothing much on the table already cost $50.00. I think this is the time I can gain back my money here.... Next week you wait for me... I come to take my revenge hahahahaha

Oh yeah... Sashimi!!! 

Oh Yeah... This is what I love. Fat and oily!!!

Excuse me..... Is that the Alaska Snow Crab?? Where can you find in town Buffet got this??
Yummy Yummy!