More Plastic Bag Generate

This is my first take away lunch I tapao at the first day of Puasa! 
As you all know now the new rule just set non-muslim also cannot eat at the restaurant during the day time! Only can tapao back home or you office or in your car eat up to you lah... as long as no at public lah!
After I finish my lunch and I looking at the styrofoam food box I just realize one thing. During the Puasa this is the time we use more Plastic Container, Plastic Bag, Styrofoam, Plastic bottle. Plastic food wrapper... All kind of thing to tapao our foods!! People are 10 times more as normal day to buy foods back home and eat! Before non-muslim can eat in the restaurant but now cannot anymore only allow tapao. This also mean that non-muslim we tapao their breakfast and lunch so which mean that more plastic bag and container are using right?
This also tell me that we in this month more rubbish generate lah correct?
So I just suddenly have this idea to share with you all... Please bring you recycle bag and food container to go buy your breakfast and lunch.
If there is a sign provided to you Gerai Ramadhan food stall say bring your own reusable bag and container to tapao you food isn't a good idea? Since now is a holy month and I/m sure the people will willing to do so! Even the non-muslim also can take part of this to care our land learn to keep our country clean and less use of plastic bag!!!
During this month we clean our Body and Soul but at the same time we dirty our land and country!
Please take a time think about it... a plastic bag we just use it less than  few minutes from the stall to our car.. then from the car take out and back into our house. It just us for few minutes saja then we throw away but this plastic bag especially the styrofoam stay there for hundred year!!!
So please if CAN.... bring your own food container and recycle bag to tapao your food!!

Excapade Sungkai Buffet 2014

This the moment the Sungkai Buffet coverage is back! Every year this Puasa time always make my belly turn bigger and bigger... No time to say good bye for my fat belly hahahaha
This year the first sungkai buffet I show you all what we have at the first day of Puasa!
Excapade invited the Media and social blogger to try out their buffet. Eh honestly I tell you I didn't eat that day as you know my style the first week I normally don't go eat the sungkai buffet one... Because I no fasting I should let the Muslim friends to have the seat for them and let them enjoy the meal!! So today I just went there and take take pictures and share with you what do they have! Btw... Excapade food I'm sure most of you know how was it already.. I not need to tell how nice and delicious one right! 
This is their price....Adult $29.90 children only $14.90 more than 50 different dishes. I think is worth it lah $29.90 per person... some time me and my wife go there eat Ala Cart simply nothing much on the table already cost $50.00. I think this is the time I can gain back my money here.... Next week you wait for me... I come to take my revenge hahahahaha

Oh yeah... Sashimi!!! 

Oh Yeah... This is what I love. Fat and oily!!!

Excuse me..... Is that the Alaska Snow Crab?? Where can you find in town Buffet got this??
Yummy Yummy!

How To Repair Your iPhone Cable?

I'm sure everyone of you who own a iPhone, iPad or iPod you all a have the same this problem like my!! The cable always broken or lose at the end both end especially the side to connect the iOS devise one. What we do is just ignore it until is getting bigger and bigger continue using it till the day we decide to buy a new one... Right!!! hehehe I also so the same thing here. Is not we lazy or what so ever.. It just that most of us don't know what to do about it. we know that we can just use the cable tape to tape it.. but this is making the cable look more ugly coz it really thick after that!
Now I have  a little idea and want to share with you all how to fit it and still not look ugly with cable and reliable! All you need is this two type of thing. The water pipe tape and light!!!
Is really simple to do... Roll the cable with the tape and then use the light slightly heat it for a while. 
Not need gum or what... simple as ABC!!! try it Bruthers hope you like my idea here! 

This water pipe tape you can easily buy it from any kedai runcit, hardware store or supermarket!! The lighter aiya not need I tell, you also know where to get one lah right!

Start roll it 2 inch away first then return back to where it start! 

Then use lighter heat it just for awhile. Beware of burn your cable oh coz the water pipe type is very thin to melt one!!!

Done Bruthers!!!is white color some more hehehe now can use it and see when it broken again lah!

Kiulap Korea Restaurant Close Go Holiday!

Aiyo... So ngam one!! Just want to go eat their Bimbimbap and they closed go makan angin!! So just to share this with you all they are closed until 5th July! 

Trash Truck Story

You know what... that day Monday I went down to Miri to pick up my sister on my way almost reach to Tutong town and I saw got police at the highway stop at the road side and have many orange cone place on the road there the first thing in my mind I said.. Jialat liao lah don't tell me is the road block man!! Later sure ask this ask that about my Hulkjero one.
Then when I see got people working on the road baru I senang hati... But this is something very rare lah... How come at this afternoon got people cleaning the road one? then I realize the road is very dirty and smelly too!
Sekali I baru know that is the rubbish fall out from the rubbish truck!!! Is about a kilometer long man. I don't know how it happen lah but looks like the door cannot hold anymore the rubbish so it broke.
I ever imagine that what if the rubbish truck suddenly the motor or hydraulic rosak then suddenly open the door and push out the rubbish and fall all the rubbish on the road there... hehehe finally I see it today!!! Jialat lah can't believe this really happen. Maybe next time I should imagine that the money fall from the sky and I got it all.. hahahah
Btw.... after this incident I kind curious about the rubbish truck. I wonder what are the other type of truck it has in the world. Coz I know last time I went to US and I saw some of them are very different from what we have here. Then I found a video in youtube baru I know there is so many type of the rubbish truck I never see it!! I embed the video and share with you all!! Click it...

Don't know how many meter already and still got rubbish..

Lucky notice early... it not jialat lo!!!

MacBook Alive!!!

Ok..... Now my macbook is alive and I can back to my work and update my blog here!  Sorry to all the reader that recently nothing much post in my blog here! 
Sorry to keep you all waiting to see some thing new in my blog here! tomorrow start everything back to normal liao! 

The Energy Kitchen

Looking for a new place to eat? Boring those oily and heavy foods? Now we have a new restaurant in town which is own by our local celebrity Wu Chun one at his Kiulap Fitness Zone there. You don't see Wu Chun fit fit like that.. He also a food fans.. He love to eat too like us too especially pancake. He love it so much and now he open the restaurant call Energy Kitchen it serve healthy foods! 
Few days ago Wu Chun invited media and blogger came to try out the foods. I'm kinda impress with the dishes there and didn't know pancake can be so much way to eat! 
Not only the foods is nice there but also the place very country style very relax! This place remind me of a ice-cream house I went at perth with my family! 
Thanks to Wu Chun now I have another place to makan here! 

Wah.... So lucky Wu Chun serve us makan!! Heheheh

Mc Savers

Come Bruthers!! Is limited time only!! McDonald's now having promotion call McSavers. Their McChicken now only $2.00 the double one only $3.00 not only that... The Twister Fries and Orange Juice (L) also reduce price!! Hurry... Only available until 12 July saja!! 

Btw.... For the kids meal this is the toys now!! 

MacBook Down

Four years.... exactly four year and finally this my macbook pro down for this very first time!  
This is the first time he sick real bad... for all this while I just turn it on 24/7 unless is bring her go travel then shut it down! 
The screen suddenly show a file icon with a question mark inside it I not sure what does it mean.. and it can't run the OS so yesterday bring her go see the doctor at Kuilap and pay $40.00 the nurse told me my Mac hard disk rosak and need to replace a new one!! So not all my date in the book is all gone lah.. Lucky I got back up for the photo and video if my 2 little princess if not really cry also no tears! 
Now nothing I can do about it lah.. everything have to start all over again! especially some account and passwords. 
Today I just got a mail is about the clinic.... if I want to do operation I have to pay $329.00 to save her life! Pay first then operation... hehehe now not like last time you can do first then later pay!!
So look like no other choice lah have to do liao. If not do also sayang right!
I wonder is this a sign that tell me to get a new iMAC oh...hehehe. I actually want to get a iMac already but this few years my eyes like not really good can't sit long in front of the monitor to look at the screen. My eyes will fell tired and see thing blur. I go check my eyes degree is ok maybe that is because of the computer make my eyes tired lah! So now I recently night time seldom sit in front of my computer already! I love the 27 inch iMac but if I get that first must get a bigger table and put far a bit from me!

Why rosak on this time when I just come back from vacation... You know that I have to break another piggy bank just for you ka!!! 

Alang-alang might as well upgrade the ram lah..I want 32 GB please... hehehe

Oh I just know that their labour charge now are counted by hour!!! 

How To Smuggling Durian Pancake LOL....

This is the best moment I have during the Perth trip come back to Brunei via Kuala Lumpur try to tapao back the this very yummy yummy Durian PanCake back home. 
The story is like that one....I saw someone post this food in the IG then the last day we in Mid Valley I saw this thing at the basement one auntie selling it! I was very curious and ask my wife want to buy one back to the hotel and try or not.. then she say Ok so we bought one.. One packet selling RM12.00 inside got 6 pieces! I know inside the pancake is got durian but did not expected the smell was so strong!! Before we open and eat it in the room my wife she tot got gas leaking and call the hotel come and check Lol....
Then after we try it we all fall in love with this cake instantly. It so soft and creamy inside! If you are a Durian Lover I guaranty you like it Durian Pancake! Inside it really have Durian like you eat the real durian... not the normal cake house sell durian cake mix with flour or cream!! This is reallll Durian inside!
So I told myself we must bring some of this back home and let our family try it! 
I ask some people opinion how to tapao durian and most of that say use container, cling wrap, newspaper, coffee powder etc....
Ok ok.. die die I must try one time lah... Coz this pancake got cream inside and my cold it, I know if i put in the luggage and put in the cargo the cake maybe turn bad or as yummy as now! So I must try to bring in the aircraft. 
To say bring it in to the plane I think is more like we try to Smuggling it lah..hahahaha
We buy 3 container and cling wrap at the Daiso 3rd floor of Mid-Vallay then in the morning 2:30am me and wife start tapao it! we wrap and wrap.. then put coffee powder from the hotel's mini bar then wrap again. Suddenly I notice I wrap it like wrapping the drugs.... hahahahahah
exactly look like in the tv those people try to smuggling drugs there. 
At this moment I more worry already... I so takut later the customs question me what is inside and put me into another room for investigation LOL.
Lucky everything is smooth lah... and I safe manage to bring back the Durian Pancake for my family and buddies to try.. all of them love it very much!
I really recommended you have a try this if you go KL Mid Valley there! You gonna love it Bruthers!
But if you want to tapao make you wrap it very good oh... if kana takap don't tell the RB crew is me teach you OK..... hahahaha

This is where I saw the Durian Pancake selling and went to Daiso buy the container and cling wrap!!

Look I wrapped!!! Isn't it make you think inside is drugs hahaha!!!

All landed save and good shape!!! Yummy.

Where Should I Put The Hulk Hand?

Remember that day I bought a #Hulk hand at #Perth Toy R Us and I told you that I want to put on my #Hulkjero ? Actually the first concepts I want to put on the snorkel there and make a hole let the air go in but after I try on it look ugly coz he pipe look too small as an arm!! So my Plan A no success already and now I have to think here should I put the hand! Then I try to put on the roof.. some of the reader said is good looking there but now I think is like a Bunny's ears!! Hahaahah Hulk with bunny ears that's hilarious lah... cannot cannot!!
Then I try third places which is where you see the last photo!! I still not know sure this is good look or not!! aiya... I think this project have to postpone first lah.. wait until I see some good idea in google then I try it one more time lah! 

 Heheheh... look isn't it look like a bunny ears there! LOL fail lah...

This is the last one idea I may put lah.. but see how first!!! What do you think?

#VisitPerth2014 Day 12

This is the day 12 of my #VisitPerth2014 time fly very fast.... Soon our perth holiday is gonna end so have to enjoy as much as possible here lah. Tomorrow is the last day of renting the Toyota Tarago so before returning back today we use it gao-gao lah. After makan breakfasts at home our first stop is go Sation Street Markets. Actually we came here yesterday already but it didn't open coz this market is only open on weekend Friday-Sunday!!! Although is a weekend market but while we masuk the places is more like a international food court... Hahahah!! Most of the shop inside here are selling foods!! It has Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Greece, India, Indonesia, English, Thailand, Vietnam and more!! Then when you order your food they give you a number once ready they send to your table just like you eat at the Gadong mall food court. After you makan got people come to clean up for you!  Now is winter I can say is the best time come here coz not hot.. If summer come hot die you lah!! My lunch I have Paelle!! Is a Spanish food... The reason I order is because I was attracted by their Pan!!! It was so big like a size of lorry wheel!! Hehehe I was thinking if I buy the pan go back home use it for gerai Ramadhan sure got good business hehehe. After the station street markets we went to Harbour Town do a little bit shopping there! This place is like a outdoor shopping mall!! Quite big lah.. But I so notice here the shop most of them are those sport brand and now almost very shop having sale. After here them we go to bunnings warehouse and buy some stuffs and also take some free boxes and ready for tapao out stock back home!! Remember next time when you want to take boxes come to bunnings coz here they don't provide plastic bag and recomamded we all use box or recycle bag!! After the bunnings I went to Dick Smith an electronic shop and look for a thing I want to buy from the day 1 I'm here which is a cooler box which can plug in car lighter 12v. Yeah is my lucky day again I found it.. Is a 7 liter cooler and warmer 2 in 1. Can fit about 7-8 cans and is just nice to fix in between the front seat of my Hulkjero!! Guess how much?? Is only $45.00 here.. That day I found one same brand Dick Smith one bigger a bit only $75.00 but too bulky not nice and cannot put in front!! This small one is just perfect to me!! 
Today we went home early so bring my kids to the Swan Lake and play at the park.. Guess what we saw!! Is 4 dolphin swimming at the Sawn River!! I came here many times but never see got dolphin. The dolphin so cute can swim together with us while we walk at the part!! What a awesome day.. If everyday can like that Siok lah... Hehehe

This is inside the Starion Street Markets. Got selling fresh fruits and vege, flowers and plants... But foods is all I see lol

Look at the pan!! Big right... I wonder how to tapao them back!! If use this cook curry Ayam nyaman or not oh.

This is my lunch at the market. Chicken Paelle from Spanish Cusine.

Apple Strudel.... Who want to tapao heheheh if I know how to make I'll open one back in my town!! 

Harbor Town!! 

Remember no smoking here oh.

Lol found a funny candy selling in a candy shop here at Harbor Town!! 

Here come to our next stop Bunnings warehouse! I alwasy love to see their BBQ pit.. It was so nice looking and cheap here!! Like this one you see here the cabinet and BBQ pit all in one less than 1k!!! 

At bunnings also got DIY your garden!! Macam-macam of flower also have!! 

This is what I see at the Swan River!! Perth City Sunset with Dolphins!!! Awesome...

Check out 2 in 1 12v cooler warmer box!!
Only $45.00 come with 12 months warranty can put my drinks liao!!  Best gadget of all I bought in my trip!!