Suzuki Jimny Little Wonders 4X4 Event

If you are the 4x4 kaki then you should at least one time come see the Suzuki Jimny and take a look how a small little 4x4 with small CC engine also can do the same route as the Big CC 4x4 do! I really impress to see a small car like that also can make a 45 degree angles like climbing up the Shabandar hill there! Although the CC is small but still they can make it up the hill too but of coz it cannot do it with the stock lah.. have to throw another few or ten thousand dollars to do the modification like upgrade the  suspension, wheel, air-locker etc! I think that is the reason why now go so many newbies 4x4 choose this car for their new entry-level 4x4 car lah!
I follow the Boustead for their Suzuki Jimny  Little Wonders Event to see how the Jimny Kaki play with their car at the Bukit Sulang Lamunin there! I never been to this place and I don't know how is this place look like so in my mind it's like the one at Salambigar there one... sekali we arrived I just knew that we are actually do the jungle trail.. and the mud is fly all over the car!! Some of the car is stuck in the mud(no modified still in stock) and need the other big 4x4 to pull them up!! It was really fun lah... and during that event also have some lady joining too! of coz they did not go do the extreme one lah just use another route easy one to go inside the camp!
During the event it has 25 participating vehicles. We all meet at Boustead showroom at 7am after we all having breakfast them at 8pm flagged off. Just less than an hour we all arrived at the Bukit Sulang Lamunin and parked the car at road side. Before entering to the camp there is 2 road for the participants. one is for modified one sudah with MT tyre and another road is kacang putih easy and fun ride for Stock Jimny! Both also meet up in the jungle camp!
After we reach to the camp some busy go preparing for the lunch and some preparing for the game!
Me as usual lah busy go around to taking picture lah!
It was fun here... not just only about the Jimny saja but also meet a lot of new friends and 4x4 kaki! I also gain some new knowledge about the 4x4 stuff so next time I know what can I do with my #Hulkjero lah! Guys... if you next year have this kind of event don't forget to invite me oh.. I want to come again! See you all again!