Ripas New Car Park System

Long time no go Ripas already... the last I go is visiting my friend and her new born baby. This time I go Ripas I also visiting my friend and their new born baby. Now the parking not like last time anymore and I just know that they have a new Parking system there already... This system is the same one the first time I see at Kuala Lumpur Sunway Lagoon there! 
It tell you which direction have car park and how many car park left!
Just look up if you see the green light that mean got parking there. Once you park your car the light will turn to red!
This is very good system and it should all the Mall basement parking to have this! Make shopper more easily and fast looking for parking!
Guy remember bring the ticket pay first before you go out oh if not later you jam the whole kampong at the gate there~! 
There is a counter booth near the lift there so better you bring the tickets with you so when you back to your car you can pay it first! 

Look Up this light.. it tell you Green is empty space. Red already parked! 

This tell you where got and how many parking space! 

Remember to pay first oh bruthers! if not susah have to come back here again!