Really Hot This Few Day!!!

Wah..... this few days really really hot lah don't play play even at night 9:30pm I shower the water is warm one!! Not only the water warm.. even my shampoo also warm too! Lucky last night and to night got rain can cool me down it not I also don't know when I have my mood to read my blog!
Oh.... very jialat lah this few day I really have no mood to write than day. Morning wake up the sun already shine bright at the east... then after went to school pick up my anak more worst again... they lights like bite my skin, night time switch on aircon full blast also can feel warm. My whole day is like live in the Oven cooking grill chicken there!
I listen people say drink a lot of water so I drink 2 bottle water (as you see up there) but I kinda regret after that coz my belly at night become more bigger sampai I cannot tahan have to eat the Ubat Cina. I think is because of too much Angin inside and yet I not sweat enough!!!
I hope this hot weather can end asap lah don't everyday 37 above there. I see some of my friends post their photo in FB some even show the temperature up to 42'C and night goes to 33'C.
Bad Bad Bad really bad like that!
For people who work in the office one all day got aircon there you don't know how suffering we are!! For those parents like me one everyday have to send and pickup kids from school you know how we feel or not!! Inside the car the even aircon On also no use there coz the sunlight, UV and Heat also can go inside the car! I'm not kidding now my Right Arm and darker than my Left Arm already. If this weather continue like that I think my right arm can put honey and eat soon!
How I wish my car I can do Tinted like other country there! Even our neighbor country in Miri, Limbang their car can use but we until now still cannot! 
I know too dark are illegal lah... but what I want is those transparency type to reduce heat film V- Cool we also cannot use here! 
I think this rule is time to change the rules and think about the people, the health and our children loh!!!
Everyone already know our weather are now no more like 20 years ago but why a 50 years ago rules cannot change! Is it must wait until the day our car bonnet hot until can fried an egg then can tell us where where and which shop can put tinted like our car plate now!!
Please ‪#‎LetMeTentedMyCar‬