New Mini Cooper And Mini S Launch At The Mall

When every time Mini do their launching I like go to see see look look. Is not because I want to buy car lah.. It just that I like to see how do they do their launch one!!! Every time their launch sure give the visitor a new style to impress everyone! The last launching is the Mini Paceman  the whole showroom look like in club.. I feel like having a party in there! 
This time the New Mini Cooper they do their launch at the The Mall there! Yes.. is another show case that surprise me which a Blue Mini put on top at the booth!!
I was thinking how to they put it up there... Can I do one also put in my room ceiling ka?? If can surely cool lah!!
The event start from Friday till Sunday!! So tomorrow Sunday sure many people go there and take a look one!!
They also have some other activity like free draw your cartoon face, air brush tattoo, quiz and gifts for all the visitors!!! So come and have a look the new Mini Cooper!!

 I tested drive already this little monsters!! walaupun is a small engine 1.5cc 3 cylinder but with the turbo it is fun more than you expected oh don't play play!!!

Oh this cute little Mini Honey Bee is my next target!!!! 2.0cc 4 cylinder twin power turbo Awesome lah!!

 Can you imagine how do they carry the car up there??

 If you plan to buy now this is what you get More!!

 I want to do this but too bad not enough time for me !! next time lah..

 Nice... really look alike!!

 My friend's son want to do a tattoo like his father one baru mau jalan!! hehehe

Every boy has their dream car... maybe this is his dream car in future!!!
When me young my dream car is the Toyota Celica which got shark gill type!