My Daughter's Randoseru Arrived!

Have to guys heard about this Randoseru??? Randoseru is actually a school bag that Japanese kids they use it during their primary school! Is a compulsory for everyone there... Boy is Black color and Red is for girls! During my primary time I already dream to have one like that coz every time I watch Doreamon I saw Nobita he use that black one very nice!!! Of coz last time I cannot have but now I want my daughter to have what I don't have that time!! I do every thing for them so I try my best to get a Bag for my baby!! I been looking for this type of bady long time already!  In Ebay have... but not sure is original or not. As far as I know some are made in China or Taiwan! I want the original one made in Japan. MIC or MIT is around $100.00 plus but if is MIJ one will cost $300.00 plus!
How can a normal family here can afford to buy a $300.00 school bag for their children here... a $50.00 Ben10 school bag already sakit hati lo!
So one day I asked one of my reader form Japan help me to look for one and she told me she can give me her's for my daughter! The bag is more than 20 years already and still in very good condition as you can see the Japan make one is good quality!
I just need to do a little clean up like at the white leather parts and now got 80% look like new!
Thank you Ayumi Nomura you make my dream come true and my daughter very happy can't wait to use!!!

 From Japan....

 To Brunei....
 Just need a little bit clean up and now is look like new! 
Can you imagine that this bag is 20 years already?

In Japan movie or cartoon you can find that the students all use the same bag!!!

 I need to make a yellow cap for my daughter then she'll look like Maruko already.. hehehe!