May Not Or May Be

Old people already said " You must work hard so you'll can earn more money!!!"
This day people everyday work hard just can make survive when every months come the bank saving still the same!! How we wish the bank accidently give us another 2 zero at the back of our saving! 
This morning when I open my eyes the first thing I see is 01-05-2014!! Wow so fast already May!!
Haven't earn enough money I already hear someone calling "Oi.... Pay Money Loh...."
Mr. Bills and Madam Fees is calling us. Phone Bills, Water Bills, Electric Bill, Astro Bills, Car Bills, Credit Card Bills, School Fees, Tuition Fees, Extra Class Fees.......
Feels like standing naked at jungle and let the mosquitoes sucking my bloods and yet you cannot say not!!! I know the is many people same same like me here so hope this can chill you up lah!!!
Happy month of MAY!!! Suck my bloods lah SUCK lah suck until you puas puas lah!