I'M Home!!!!

Oh burthers burthers.... I'm home!! The first thing I do after I touch down is go to see my #Hulkjero coz he went back to the workshop for a little touch up for the paint!! Then the second things is I went to eat Kolomee!! I kinda miss the local foods here... One week no eat the brunei local food I feel not senang there at KL! Of coz at the KL I also ate a lot of their nice food lah that also the reason I gain few kilo too! Just now I went to weight it I gain 5 kilo from KL... even those everyday walk here walk there also no use..I still gain weight! 
Now I'm very tired after come back home but still have a lot of things have to do of coz the most happy person who I see is my family lah... 8 days no see them really miss them especially my two little angels. My two gals saw me like nampak the Santa Claus so happy I bought them many many presents!!
Now I need a little bit of time to digest my foods from KL and then I'll show you all once again about my trip to Visit Malaysia 2014 with the Asean East Coast Trail 19-25 May 2014!!!!
I have a good trip at Terengganu with my 4 new friends from Brunei and also the other new friends from Thailand. Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Philippine and also the host from Malaysia too!!
Let me rest one day I'll update my blog here! My leg now really tired already and also my back! I think go hiking the the hill and the Gua Bewah is fine for me or go walking in Terengganu Islamic Civilization Park is nothing to me. The only think I feel tired one is whole day walking shopping at Bukit Bintang, Pavilion, Mid Valley, Sungai Wang and Berjaya Times Square there!! That part accompanying them is really killing my both legs lah~

I need to control my meal if not later I'll break it...hehehhe