I Built My Own Butterfly Garden

I posted this photo above in my IG and FB let people guess what I want to build for my next project but so far no one guess it write! Most of the people guess I want to build cage for pets like chicken, rabbit, bird... The answer is I want to build a Butterfly Garden!!
Heheheh... I know it sound crazy but I want to give a try lah!! So far I still haven't got study about butterfly yet but I'll slowly learn lah!! I know there is thousand type of butterfly like some need water.. plants and different kind of flower!! Maybe I can start do a small one first feed them with fruits!!!

My mom has a small hut for her Orchid but long time no flower already so I transform it to a cage now!!! At first I though it look very simple to build just use the net to cover the four side which is I was wrong!! I not that easy as I though lah... Now even the door I also sakit kepala.. but never mind I slowly do sure can make it one day! 

Why suddenly I have this idea what to build a butterfly garden? heheheh eat full full got nothing to do lah... excise the body and the brain loh. By the way how many of you has visit our Brunei Butterfly Garden? We actually have 2 in Brunei here! One at the Tasek Merimbun and another one smaller a bit at Sungai Liang there! I been to the Sungai Liang one but the Tasek Merimbun one haven't go... maybe after I finish build my own butterfly garden I'll go there see see look look with my Hulkjero lah! 
Bah... once is done I update you all again lah! 

Now halfway to go.... 

Few years ago went to the Sungai Liang Butterfly Garden with the Beach Bunch members! 
It was so nice there and feel relax!!

If I build my like this big... siok eh!!! Sleep inside with the butterfly don't want to come out sudah!