Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day2 (Morning)

After the good rest day one at the Everly Hotel we have to wake up very early the next day to catch the flight to Terengganu. We have two group during the Asean East Coast Trail... We Brunei is in the group one together with the Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia. Everyone of us giving a breakfast pack so we can eat in the bus or at the airport!!!
On the way to the Skypark Terminal we took nearly one hour to reach there and I notice their freeway now are using LED lamppost sudah!!good good good.. energy saving and more brighter again! 

Hungry oh..... come lets refill food in our stomach guys!

We use Fireflyz to Terengganu!! 

Everyone very tired already because wake up very early... lets have a nap first 

Me no matter how I try to sleep also cannot... so I better enjoy my flight lah.. come show you all what I had eat in the plane!

This is Terengganu... I feel like I'm back to Brunei!! The land here almost look same same like my home town!

This is our bus!! Cute right... the Hello Kitty bus is our group one bus for this coming 4days 3 nights here!

It took nearly 2 hours from the Terengganu airport to the Lake Kenyir Resort! Tonight we gonna stay one night here! Lake Kenyir is a man made lake and is a biggest lake in South-East Asia too!

There are not allow to use your car go into the hotel! you have to park your car in the parking lot then use the buggy or the train like this to go into their lobby!

Lake Kenyir Resort is big almost like our Empire Hotel size. It has about 134 villa the cheapest room is around RM500.00. Frankly speaking here... if you are not a Natural lover I think you may not like this place! For me this is my heaven lah.. too bad I my love didn't follow me coz this place is really an awesome place for couple or nature lover! No internet, No citylisation. The air really fresh, the lake view really awesome. 

Kenyir Lake is an artificial lake located in the state of Terengganu in northeast Malaysia created in 1985 by the damming of the Kenyir River to create the Sultan Mahmud Power Station. It is the largest man-made lake in South East Asia. The lake borders Kelantan in the west and Pahang in the south. This immense lake also serves as another gateway to Taman Negara. The lake covers 260 km² and contains 340 small islands, which were once hiltops and highlands, more than 14 waterfalls, numerous rapids and rivers. I had ask the tour guide how deep is the lake and he told me is 3km deep! They had try to put a mike tin into the lake and it exploded at 1500meters!!!

After we arrived at the hotel already afternoon.. we all again very hungry right on time the lunch buffer serve!

Here you can enjoy your meal and also enjoy the lake kenyir view~ Too bad the weather are hot now I don't have the mode for that!

After the lunch we heading to our room!! Hehehe this is their Buggy. Is Modified by Kancil!!! steady steady!!!

My room is here... but have to walk down first!!! Yahoo... I got a Lake view Villa. RM640 per night! 

This is my Villa... again is all my not sharing....hehehe!

My recommendation if you want to come here please bring you partner don't come alone!! Sayang lah if you come one person and stay here! This place is really nice for a couple and don't want be disturb. Enjoy the sound of Nature. 

Awesome view right!!!! The lake is awesome... the size is about 260 km²  almost twice of the size of Singapore! The lake is part of the National Park. Not allow to fishing or any water sport activities!!!  

The Toilet is almost the size of my bedroom too!! sweet....