Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day1

Hi everyone how are you all lately? I'm sorry that more than a week that I didn't update my blog here!  That is because I went to makan angin last week with some travel agent and Media from Brunei! If you do follow my Fb, IG or twitter I'm sure that you know where I go right!
Yes me and the local travel agents and media invited by the Tourism Malaysia~Brunei to Visit Malaysia 2014 together with the Asean Countries travel agents and media too! 
We went to the West Malaysia and having fun at the Terengganu.
During the trip we had visited many places together with 9 others countries and 60 new friends!
I never been to the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia so this is my first time! Before I step in to the land there I had some negative comments from some of my friends. Most of them are said that the place is boring, no entreatment, no alcohol due to is a very Islamic state there! Not like at the Kuala Lumpur there go Shopping and entertainment. 
With this all comment from my friends I already had no mode to go there but wait..........
Lucky I didn't listening what they all said! Terengganu is not the place as what the people say that BORING! I still find many places is very interesting and the food is nice! The only thing I'm very disappointed which is I didn't bring enough money to there! 3 Days in Terengganu I already spend more than 1.5K ringgit Malaysia there to buy some souvenir and gifts for my friends and family! And one more thing I regret didn't buy home is the Koropok Lekor!! Coz I worries it will rosak after bring back home but one of my friend she bought home and it good and taste yummy :( next time I go I want to tapau 10 package home liao!
Ok lah... don't waste your time.. come follow me I show you my ASEAN EAST COAST TRAIL 2014 from day 1 start!!! 

We have 5 person from Brunei to taking part of this Asean East Coast Trial. During the first day we use the MAS to Kuala Lumpur then from KLIA we went to Putrajaya!!

I have heard about this place Putrajaya but never really step inside there! Normally we Bruneian will not going in there lah unless you want to meet up the Malaysia government people there or meeting saja... if not you'll not going there one coz that place mostly is the government office and department!

The first night we checking at The Everly.

After we arrived the hotel first time to do is get out room key and the Goodie Bag!!! Inside it have the travel information, T-shirt, InItinerary, Insect Repellents.... 
Huh.... Insect Repelent?? I also shock why give that... hehehe lucky I got bring it to the Terengganu if not i'll attack by the nyamok when visit the Lake Kenyir!!!

This is my room at The Everly.... Yahoo lucky me not sharing with others!!! 

After checking in the hotel we have a welcome dinner host by the Tourism Malaysia.

This is our table and the group!! 3 agents 2 medias!

GoH from the Tourism Malaysia

Deputy Director General Madam Chong Yoke Har giving a welcome opining speech.

Local telend performance.

Dinner serve!!! But wait first.... as usual lah let the camera eat first..hehehe!!

There is a Shopping Mall next to our Hotel Everly there is call Alamanda shopping centre. Is quite huge oh and have a lot of shop in there! I did not wait until the dinner finish already jalan to the mall shopping there coz this area is closed at 10:30pm. I need to get some thing here so came out early!

I'm not sure when is this shopping mall opened.. it looks like still very new and some of the shop is empty and under renovation!!!

Sayang... cannot spent much time here due the my time is rush if not I can show all more about this place!