Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 6

 This is the last day of the of my KL stay!! Is a hot sunny day!!! I think I take shower 3 days on that days... Morning one time.. afternoon come back hotel one time... then night time one more time again!! Lucky I got bring extra baju if not I think I have to wear back day 1 cloth I wear at Terengganu liao!
Today the trip is half day only.. we only visit 3 place saja and all is very short time. After that we have the rest of our time to go Shopping!! We went to visit the Istana Negeri. Then the City Gallery and then is the central market!!
 I think today is the most tired trip I have among the week!! Sight seeing is Ok no problem but the Shopping with the girls is making legs painful!!!
Is fun.. is really fun!! We even have a slogan throughout the trip.... "Relax Brothers Relax~ Relax Sisters Relax" lol

Come come come... Gopro selfie group photo first!!!

To know the sultan is in the istana or not just look at the royal flag is up or not!! Every Wednesday the PM of Malaysia come here to meeting with the Sultan.

This is our second stop tour of the day Galery Kuala Lumpur The Arch KualaLumpur very interesting to visit here. I come here 9 years ago but is not like this now defferent sudah! ARCH is recognised as a premium brand with a high level of acceptance throughout the world. The brand is represented by an extraordinary range of made-in-Malaysia products that capture the uniqueness of some of the world’s greatest heritage landmarks. From small yet intricately fashioned items like magnets and bookmarks to one-of-a-kind commissions, each piece is a unique.

I remember last time I came here inside has no aircon and is spooky and look like an old museum in there but now is different already!

The things here is all handmade!!!

Even this KL City also make by hands and it took 2 years to complete!! 

I buy a gift for my friend as their wedding gift and a iPhone case fro my wife!

Thanks for the everything guys... Hope I can see you all again in the future! 

9 Years ago I took a photo here like this.. today I did again but this time I bring mt Double Chin...hehehe

Next stop... We came to the Central Market!! This place has 126 years history sudah!!  It was founded in 1888 and originally used as a wet market but now inside got aircon already...It has since been classified as a Heritage Site by the Malaysian Heritage Society and it is now a landmark for Malaysian culture and heritage.

China town inside the Central Market! 

In Brunei people now hot about the OatChoco... Here is OatMail!!!
I not sure who is real who is fake.. I think this latest snack it just like potato chips.. you have you and I have my!! But I went to check in the net I found that both also make in China! and I try Oat Choco and OatMail both almost the same but the OatMail is a bit sweeter and creamy!!!

Another view inside of the Central Market! 

Is shopping time again... Biasa lah at Pavilion and you know lah this place is hot spot for Orang Brunei here and I met 10 of my friends here sudah hehehe..

Our last group photo together with our tour guide before heading to the KLIA!!!
Hope to see you all next trip again #VisitMalaysia2014