Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 5 (Afternoon)

Hey look who I met at the kuala Terengganu airport!! Is Ustaz Kazim Elias, he came to Brunei having a speech last 2 weeks at Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah and Indoor Stadium. We are having the same flight back to Kuala Lumpur. So lucky to have a change to meet this awesome man! Too bad we don't have much time if not I sure going to ask him about some Family matter...
This is my last day me at Terengganu. We have to catch the flight back to Kuala Lumpur but our trip not yet finish lagi!! There is still have many place we have to visit!
After we touch down at Kuala Lumpur we did not straight away went to the KLCC for SHOPPING!!!! yahoo.... and also eat lunch there! Then after that we went to visit the Craft Complex and that the point we meet up with the Group B. After that we went to the KL tower and watch the KL City and the beautiful sunset. 9 years ago my first time I went to KL I almost visit all the landmark in KL but the KL Tower is the only place I didn't go. The reason is I can't find the entrance!! From far I can see the Tower but no matter how I walk I still cannot find the entrance. Lupanya it has to go up a hill then and see the entrance! Now I not need to walk... all the way pakai bus saja.. and this time I not only go up to the see the KL view but also have the chance to makan at the 360 Revolving Restaurant.
I had hear this place long time already from my friend but never see it my real eyes!
If you come here makan you cannot wear sleeveless or short pants! If you do.. then you have to wear their sarong and jacket! fyi the buffet there is nice and not cheap oh.. each person is about RM178.00  but I think is reasonable lah... the foods the view I think is worth it but of coz you must have a special occasion lah like cerebrated birthday or anniversary with you love one!

Again... we used the Fireflyz back to KL.

Hello KLCC.... once again we meet!!! The last time I came touch you is 9 years ago!!!

Suria KLCC

This is all for my kids at home!!!

After the KLCC shopping we came to the Craft Complex.

We are heading to the KL Tower!! Eh... as usual lah.... KL jam is a must to experience one! In my facebook I always can see my KL friends they every time bising about the traffic jam one... Got jam also complain no jam also bising!! 

KL Tower... I finally come see you!!! This is second tower in my life! My first tower is the Seattle Space Needle

What is see here is concrete jungle but my lady friends next to me they see is Shopping!!

Information of all the tallest building in the world!!!

Group Photo with the Asean!!!

The sunset arrived!!! Eh.. sorry to say this, I still think our Brunei sunset is nicer!!
Check out the group here Brunei 1800 Sunset if you don't believe me...hehehe

Have to ever been here before?? Some of my KL friends they told me until now they still have ever come here eat once!!! 

This is the restaurant that is can pusing inside!! FYI don't put your bags or belonging near the window coz just few minutes it will gone!! hehehe not because someone stolen.. is because you table are on the other side liao.

How's the foods here??? Thumbs Up lah bruthers!!!

Isn't that awesome with the Night View of KL City? Can one side makan and look at it at the same time! 

We give @mazdellina (from Brunei Media) her a surprise birthday song sing by all #aseaneastcoasttrial2014 and she touching till cry! Happy birthday Maz!! I'm sure she never forget her xx birthday celebrate here at KL Tower!!