Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 5 (Morning)

Today is the last day we at Terengganu. Time goes really fast and now we have to say goodbye to them and hello to Kuala Lumpur again!
But this time we are the group one not need to wake up so really and catch the early flight! The group 2 have to we not need! So that is the reason why we have a little extra time to visit more the Kuala Terengganu! 
Today is the real day I see how the town look like in there! I can say is a bit like our KB town plus Limbang town plus Miri town! The building there is not like at KL one but they do have tall and new building too!
I was told by our tour guide here don't have cinema and no entertainment. The one I took the photo below is a old cinema but didn't play movie anymore during 80's!
We drop by at one of their local market Pasar Besar Payang at Payang Central Market. Inside the market it like our gadong fish market, good sell sayur and fish but is bigger a lot and got restaurant and selling baju!!
I'm only spend my time there for less than 10 minutes coz I went to another place which is more interesting. I only have limited time here so I must use it very well.
I went to the China Town which is just few meter away from the Pasar Besar Payang. This China Town got 400 years history already. I found that the building and shop here doesn't look like got 400 years lah.. Maybe is the street there where the chinese people already came here and stay until now got 400 years lah. The shop and building look like the one at Singapore too! Inside the China town there I found a restaurant selling a kind or roti very unique. Is hand make four square bread! some more got paper coverage it before! I asked the owner how long already this bread started make? She told me it has more than one hundred years already when the first time appear in  Kuala Terengganu here!
I think it must my lucky day i have a chance to eat such a nice food here, FYI the bread must eat it when is still hot coz the skin is crispy and inside is soft! The bread inside got Kaya and Butter... a bit like macam our JingChew's Roti Kuning lah but this one 4 square roti is better! If can I want to bring this back to Brunei tu!!

This is the Cinema... but long time no play movie already!

I short cut my trip... straight away bring you to the China town to see see look look here.
You found the shop here everyone has their own unique design!!

Feel like walking at the Singapore Old Chinese shop there!

Here is the one I found their Four Square Bread lah!! The shop very old look I feel like I'm back to 40's hehehe 

If they use the old Kopitiam coffee table and chair lagi best!!

I saw the paper stick on the glass so I come in and have a try.

No regret to give a try!! Is really yummy... Only RM2.00 good enough for breakfast already! 

The owner lady recommended me must eat it hot... if not hot already not nice! Inside is the Kaya and Butter!

There is a Chinese Temple here. I went into it and give a little donation. After I came back home I do some research this temple was build 1801 but it burned down at 2010. The one you see now is rebuild and new!!