Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 4 (Afternoon)

Day 4 afternoon is a special trip for all the media.... the reason why is special that is because at the Hotel Ri-Yat it has a presentation  on Tourism Development and meet up with the local travel agent there. This is more for the travel agents not for the Media lah. So the tour guide special arrange at trip for use media. We went to see how the Koropok Lekor making and eat the hot fresh Koropok Lekor too!!
Me eat K.Lekor many time already at home coz my brother in law some time tapao for us from Kemaman but I never see how is this snack was made!! Our tour guide bring us to one of the factory which making the Koropok Lekor. I'm not so sure where is this place but if you want to come here next time you can see the photo up there it has their address there!
Our tour guide told us this place he just found it recently. why is famous because their K.Lekor are use less flour to make and is taste better! Some more they have vacuum pack with their packaging is can last longer and fresh too! The factory here not only that you can tapao their k.lekor they also have made their own sauce for their k.lepor in bottle too!
I didn't tapao their K.Lekor only eat there fresh saja! the reason is because I malas lah hehehe. some how I still have many days here and KL so I did not tapao home loh!
This place not only the local people come here to tapao. Even the Singapore or KL people also come here to tapao back home! Some of them even tapao more than RM500.00 or 50 pack balik kampong!

I didn't know K.Lekor also got come with Cheese one!!!

You can order and makan here!!

Their business really good... look you have to take number some more!!!

First the fresh fish come here and masuk the grain machine

Then this is the machine to roll the fish and mix with the flour 

Then this is where they cook the K.Lekor

Then after cooked it become like that lah... hehehe I macam know very much. talk so easy but do it not tu!! There is so many things have to cook and mix like their secret recipe!!!

This is frozen one... only RM5.00 10 pieces!

This one is is size XXL fresh no frozen vacuum pack for RM10.50 per pack!! Cheap right! People come here minimum tapao at least 3-5 package go home!! 

This is deep fried one!!! Mostly people like to eat this way!!

This one is fresh and steam one.. I found that this one also nice too. If you don't like too oily maybe you can try it eat in this way!!!

I suddenly notice that there is a tree inside shop and all the way goes up to second floor!

Then I walk out and see and I saw the tree is still alive until the roof top!!!
Maybe that is their advertisement and people can easily recognize their shop lah! 

Driver and Tour Guide bought many back to KL!!