Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 4 (Morning)

This is the Day 4 of our trip here... Yesterday we have visit many place at the Kenyir Lake and the Museum and then today we also again many places to visit at Kuala Terengganu.
Morning after we had our breakfast at Ri-Yat then our first stop is visit the Nur Zahirah Complex!
Nur Zahirah Complex is a place where there making the Songket there! 
Then we had visit the Islamic Civilization Park and also Cruising experience and also see the most famous mosque at Kuala Terengganu which is the Crystal Floating Mosque!
Which one is my favorite place to go?? I think is the Islamic Civilization Park!
hehehe funny right... I'm a non muslim how come pulang like this place. Yes for some other non-muslim I sure this place is a bit boring for them but not for me. Coz there is one thing I really love to see it and I feel like I'm back to my home which is the 1/20 scale of Mosque SOAS!!!! Is exactly the same and have 28 golden dome. Hehehe of coz their golden dome is not a real gold lah!
Me at first before I came to Terengganu my head is thinking I have nothing to buy here.. but today is my shopping mode On sudah! I bought couple of Pelikat pants here and is really good quality. It so comfi and soft... night time dinner wear also can too! Bah come show you where I go here my fourth day of Asean East Coast Trail here!

When we arrived to the Nur Zahirah Complex they show use how do the make the Songket

Mmmm.... I wonder if I create a Apps to play this making Songket got people want to download it or not oh...hehehe

After the Nur Zahirah Complex we visited the Islamic Civilization Park a.k.a Taman Tamadun Islam   which is the one inside it has the 22 monuments from 21 countries from all over the world across the Asian, European and African continents. We Brunei also inside too... but before that we go a boat cruise first!
Today is a hot and sunny day!!! Lucky I got bring my wet towel to cool me down!

Life jacket on??? Bah come let's go.....

If you next time come to #kualaterengganu must visit their KLCC!!! Not the Kuala Lumpur KLCC !!! Here also have KLCC is mean Keropok Lekor Cicah Cuka!! Isn't that awesome!! I was told by the boat tour guide

This is the fishing boat of the fisherman there! I notice their boat very unique one... Totally different from ours one!! the boat head and tail are higher than the center one!

Oh... I see got chinese temple too there! Maybe is because the Chinese people here last time also fisherman and this temple are near the river mouth. people come here to pray come back home safely

This is the one famous Crystal Floating Mosque at Kuala Terengganu!! Isn't it beautiful?

After the 45 minutes boat trip here is our next place that I really want to see our Mosque SOAS 

Before you enter the park they give you a PassPort! You must chop first then baru you can masuk!

Inside the passport it has the information about the 22 monuments from 21 country! There are two monuments which come from the same state; the Masjidil-Haram and Nabawi Mosque.

Yeah.... that's our Brunei famous Mosque!!! 

Same same right!!! hehehe

Oh... I notice something is missing here. The Boat!! If have lagi best!!

I'm sure my muslim friends you all know where is this place right!!!

Do you have any idea which country's mosque this from? yes is from China.

After finish the trip you have to chop you passport again!!
hehehe I almost lost my then again found it on the road!

Oh...lucky got aircon here...  and because of that I spend 30 minutes here and buy me my first Pelikat Pants!

What do you think of my new pants? Do I look good with it or maybe because my belly is too big