Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 3 (Afternoon)

After we visit the Bewah Cave in the morning we heading back to the Kuala Terengganu. But before we check in to the hotel first we went to visit the Largest Museum in South-East Asia. The Terengganu State Museum Complex houses century old artefacts and artworks of rich and colourful heritage.   Located on 27 hectares of land in Bukit Losong, Kuala Terengganu, the complexes itself are an impressive architectural feat, based on the designs of Terengganu's old palace.
If you come here I think you should take a look of their Batu Bersurat!! Eh.. not the Batu Bersurat at Gadong there lah hehehe
The Batu Bersurat at Terengganu there are a stone believed to be written on 22 February 1303 the artifact proves that Islam reached Terengganu earlier than 1326 or 1386.
I only spend around 1 hours in the museum, is not that there is noting to see in there. Is has a lot of history items, photos. culture and many stuff to see see look look. If want to finish all we need at least 4 hours to finish it. We arrived at the Museum already 6:30pm today is special open for us one coz they close it at 5:30pm daily!
After we visit the Museum that night we also having or dinner at the garden there too.
Now if you ask me what are the nice food at Terengganu I definitely introduce you their LakSam. Yes is Laksam not Laksa!!! I no typo here! Is almost same like Laksa but is white soup and big noodle like a kuey teow in roll!! It was really nice.... I was wondering how come we don't have this here in Brunei. Someone should bring this Laksam and introduce here. At Terengganu not only that the Lasksam is yummy! The Ketupat Sotong , Satar  and of coz the Koropok Lekor too!!
Remember this are the four things you must try eat here oh at Kuala Terengganu if not you are haven't consider have come here...hehehe

Is huge and magnificent!!! 

He is our Museum tour guide. He remind me the Movie "Night In The Museum" what if the things their alive oh....hehehe

From far I can feel that this thing is calling me to have a look!!!

This is the real Batu Bersurat! The only at KL museum is an replica. 

I wonder how heavy is it this stone!!!

Simple but nice!!  I think maybe we a very hungry already that's why I feel yummy hehehe. One thing I not used to it with their food is the rice!! Maybe is because I used to eat our Thai Beras Wangi sudah! 

This is the Laksam... But I take the wrong noodle. It suppose eat with the Big Size Noodle one but I take the normal type for Laksa one!

Here are the other 3 foods must try here at Terengganu. The Korokop Lekor, Satar and the Ketupat Sotong!!

That night I think I ate more than 7 pieces of this Satar there! Is like Otak-Otak but is in triangle!!!

After the dinner we went back to the hotel! This night we stay at the Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa!
We all check in that time nearly 10pm already so not really can see how the places look like! 

Our room is like a house with 4 room!! My is on second floor! 

I'm very very tired already morning went to the Cave and the whole sit in the bus from Kenyir come back to Kuala Terengganu. This is the type of room I need... No one can disturb me and I need a good rest!

Oh yes... Bath Tub!! This is all I need right now!

Is too late already... If we came in the day time I'm sure gonna rest here for an hour! 

Oh... there is a Swimming right in front from my room!

Then the next day morning I can really see how the resort look like here!  This is the swimming pool that in front of my room! 

My room is on the second floor left the one with coconut tree!!

Another view of the Ri-Yat