Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 3 Visit (Morning)

There is 2 things if you come to Terengganu if you don't do you are gonna regret lah. One is eat the Koropok Lekor and another one is come to the Cave Bewah!!! 
Today is the 3 days we of our trip and today there is 2 options we can choose to go. A) is Kelah Sanctuary which is a 45 minutes jungle walk to a river and swim with the fishes! B) is climb 250 step staircase to see a 140 millions years cave. 
At first I choose the Option A but after the second thought I change my mind I choose B. Because swimming with the fish at KK also have many... But a 140 millions years cave is not every way can find. Lucky I had change my mind and I bring my DSLR this is my best trip of the day!!!
That cave is really spectacular... I don't know how and what are words I can use to describe my felling when I saw the cave!
The cave long long long time ago is just next to the beach and that's is why you call see the cave outside is hit by the wave! And they also found some sea shell too. Not just only that... they also found a 14 thousand years old skeleton. Is a young girl which is believe she is 16 years old during that time!
I'm not sure how high is it in the cave.. hehehe I forget to ask already when I saw the cave. I was really high.. I think got more than 10 floor there. Honestly... that time I feel like I want a beach seat so  I can sit down and look up the cave and enjoy the view for one hours.
FYI in the cave you are only to walk on the bridge saja... no touching the wall or sit down. Why cannot sit down that is because the floor is all Bat Poo Poo...hehehe and the fence also wet and sticky got spiders  or some unknown insects. We found a Toad is a size like my palm!! really huge man... even the tour guide he told us he never see that here in this life!


This is the Jetty of the Bewah Cave. You need to clim up 250 step up first then baru can see the cave!!!

Lucky I choose this trip there... I heard the Kelah Sanctuary are 5 times harder than this!!

Come guys.... we are halfway  there already!!!

Finally we make it...
This is the entrance of the Cave Bewah.

This is the place where they found the 16 years old girl's skeleton which 14 thousand years old! I have a question why they old found one here and why the girl came here and die there so young! It was so high up there... don't forget before is a man make lake this is a mountain oh!!
I think maybe long long long time the ketua kampong say they have to send a young and beautiful girl to the cave god as a wife so they put the 16 years old girl there....hehehehe I just kidding saja lah. 

Here they also found some kitchen tools, charcoal and some seashell 
In the cave is has a small museums  to show during the day that found the skeleton and display some stone and tools

Now start from here it start to take your breath away!! I'm not gonna say much from here... let you see by yourself. I hope you can feel it what I feel when I see over there!

This is the Toad we found!!! I'm not kidding.. is really huge

Isn't it look like a person praying there the the shape of the cave?

I found some Chili Padi outside the Cave! I wondering why there is chill here then the tour guide told me that is because the Bat or Bird eat the chill and then poo poo here.
FYI I take some back to the hotel eat with my lunch!