Asean East Coast Trail 2014~Day 2 (Afternoon)

After we checking in the Lake Kenyir Resort and the second group countries(Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and Thailand) arrived at the afternoon we went to the visit the Kenyir Elephant Village. 
This place just opened last 2 weeks saja. In jungle of Terengganu there is 1500 elephants this village is the state government project to protect the animal there! we are so lucky to come here and have a look... it still very new and I can see the place still have some part haven't done. This place it not only we can watch the elephant how they spend a Day of Life but also can see the jungle at the top of the canopy. Is have a 5 tower you must walk up.. if not you cannot reach to the end of the canopy to watch the elephants performance there... is a very good excise there and very exciting to walk on the canopy! The height is about 50 meter high above from the ground. If you walk here better don't walk at the side. walk in the middle so you won't dizzy after that!!
They have keep the village like original nature jungle. even the trees is in the meddle of the canopy walk they also didn't cut it off. I think they have done a very good job a place like that for the Elephants!   

After we greeted by the Kenyir Elephant Village keepers we here to enter the village. This place has 256-hectare and the land is given by the state government. This place also is the new home for the nine rescued elephants but during the way we out I saw another one elephant on a lorry transporting into the village. The elephant here are different like that our Borneo pygmy elephant.

If you are afraid of high then sorry lah you better don't walk here!!

We are almost the same high with the trees here. This is the tower 2!!!

He is our group one tour guide his name is Jeffery.

As you can see they not only taking care the animal here but also the trees!

That's the Terengganu elephants... Look like same same the Thailand elephants too

Panorama view of the elephant's performance stage!

Here come the elephants... the host told us this is how the elephants walk in the jungle. The elder one walk in the front then small elephants walk in the middle coz this how they protect the small one prevent the Tiger eat they babies

One country one presenter and greeted by the elephants 

Group photo with all the 10 countries together with the elephant.

Visitors have the chance to feeding the elephant.

After the performance we came here to watch the elephants to take shower!!!