Welcome Home #Hulkjero

People say: Slowly take time cook the food and it will taste good which is just like the BBQ fast and big fire always cannot beat the slow red heat to gill!
My #Hulkjero finally come out from the workshop and now back to home! For the past few months I'm sure many of you have follow my #Project1983 from a rusty, fated color, holes here and there to become like today you won't believe this is a first model of Mitsubishi Pajero has already 30 years old and look like new now! 
My friends asked my how much I had spent to restore it, For me Money is not the Issue! What I want is the quality of the workmanship!! 
My #Hulkjero use 7 layers of Paint and 6 layers Lacquer to complete the job!! That's is why I really happy and satisfied.
But #Project1983 has not ended here.... it still have more to do. There is some more things to fix and add on. Like today I bring his to fix the aircon, change rims and tyre! 
About the interior of coz have to do also, Engine also have to do some thing coz I found there is a little oil leak from the Power Steering, Break also not so good, Engine Gasket have to change, Suspension need to upgrade so and so and so!!! Now also can drive but not that soik lah.. So next time you see this #Hulkjero on the road you know inside has a Wild Animal driving it...heheheheh!!

I really love the Paint Job done by my old friend!! If you look closer the color actually will change under the sun!! At some angle it look like lime green, metallic green and also dark green!!
Before and After!!!

Bring to my friend's shop to fix the aircon!! No aircon I cannot tahan oh... feels like driving inside a Sauna room oh Don't Play Play!

After fixing the AC then went to put up the new shoes!!

Welcome home again #Hulkjero !!!!