TeaZone Moved To Gadong Food Court

Do you still remember this place's chicken rice? The Teazone's Chicken Rice that I said is very nice one at the Beribi behind the Maju Motor (VW) showroom there?
Last Month I went there again with my friend wanna eat the yummy chicken rice but they didn't not open! At first I tot they are rest or what so ever so didn't bother. But after few I went there again there are still close then I just realize they're no more open already. I was very disappoint why such a nice yummy chicken rice not selling anymore! 
I try to looking for the owner is he open at other place.. ask so many friends then I finally they had move to the Gadong Properties food court there (a.k.a FoodZone)
When I heard that they are still serve their chicken rice I feel like strike jackpot so tonight I bring my wife and kids go there eat dinner.
The taste is still the same lah no change and if you plan to go eat after you read this post then I recommended tomorrow Saturday 26th April you better go eat! Coz start from tomorrow 26th April till 28th April 2014 (3days) their chicken rice only B$2.00 saja!!! Yes no tipu you one is $2.00!!! Where can cari this lobang oh!!! So don't miss it oh... Rugi nanti tu!!!

Look for their Stall No 6!! Just next to the Kojo Teppanyaki!! 

 26-28 April their Chicken Rice only B$2.00.
Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Fried Chicken is B$3.00!!!

Oh Baby.... I found you again!!!