#Project1983 Lucky Day Found The Signal Lamp

Wah... me song heng ah!!! Can't believe I still can find the #project1983 front signal lamp!
I tot this already stop manufacture already... I already standby to disappointed and use back the old lamp one coz I try many places in town spare part shop they don't have it even the agent also don't have this now. Then I not give up and look at one more place at Kiarong a chop shop there and found this brand new set light there... yeah this is my lucky day!!! Now I have a pair of sexy eyes with the car.
So now this is what the car doing today! The door window rubber frame, grill, giving a new paint... make it to look like new!

 The other Pajero also do the same with the rubber frame... My #project1983 look nice right!! hehehe of coz lah.. that's the Godfather of Pajero oh don't play play!

 Nice and New now!!!

 I'm not happy with the colour of the word!!! So this also have to give new colour too...

Ok... now ready to spray!!! What colour I going to do? Tomorrow I show you..... hehehe