#Project1983 After 30 Years Still Like New

The #Project1983 is almost coming to the end. This 2 week the car is putting back the interior stuffs like the door rubber, carpet seat, door hander, seat belt etc!!
I remember that day they opened it up just need one day and the car inside all naked but now put it all back it has to take few days! The reason why is slow is because have to clean it up first then think which screw is where and a lot of things is like rosak now!
Today they put back the back seat back in the car and I told the guy to take away the seat cover coz is already old, dusty and color faded! I think the seat cover had more than 20 years already in my heart I already ready standby to recover the seat... but once open it I shock to see the original seat cover it still look like new! No crack no cut no broken. Not even the liner got open or string come out! Just a little stain at the pvc leather there saja... just use some cleaner easily come out one!
After 30 years the back seat still like new and is original cover some more! I wonder it I sell this seat in Ebay how much I have make oh...hehehe! At first I want to custom it and cover to black color but now I think I prefer it as original here at the moment. The front seat I must change it lah coz I already bought the sport seat type hehehe and is black color some more so wait road tax out already I'll to the interior again at Limbang lah.. coz is more cheaper there. I had already over shoot budget of this #Project1983 need to cut some cost of it now!
Aircon already rosak long time must fix it... that one haven't count in yet I don't know how much it gonna cost hopefully not over 1k lah! 
And some more today I notice the front signal also not so good too.... just use my last finger also can break the plastic... Need to change new set but don't know I can find it in town or not some more coz so old already this car! Oh if got LED crystal type I sure buy one!!!
Ok lah.. I'll update next when the Bumper and the new rims are fit!!!

 Look at the Seat!!! Isn't it awesome? 30 years already and still look like new!!

Everyday he have to sakit kepala to remember back where is screws and nuts go!!! lol 

I need to look for the signal light!!! Cross finger I can find it lah!

Should I put back the bumper or not ha??? Or just leave it like that look more like 4x4 car!!!