#PestaBonet Planning, Discussing, Categorizing

After my Pesta Bonet posted in my facebook page I received many feedback from my viewer! Many of them also want to joining. In a week I looking for friends to help me out about my idea and thanks to them all very helpful and support me!  Now we slowly work it out and hope we can make it! 
At the moment we think of there is the best place to do the first event! Some say better do at the Stadium there coz have a lot of car park for the seller and buyer! 
But the question is we have no enough of budget and man power.. To control the seller who are not subscribe one are already one of the big issue! So we plan to do the first PB at Bandar  the Waterfront there! Only one entrance and also only for the seller can go in parking there! Visitor can park their car at both side of waterfront, yayasan, padang SOAS or tamu there! 
Time and Date have decide and comfirm lah.. but we really try and hope can do it next month. This one we want a proper approver one... not simply simply post in fb and just say a welcome at which beach or what car park! We don't know later get into trouble... Later I receive a saman letter Jialat!!
 Me and the team also think how to work it out... what's the T&C, Where is the seller location... 
Headache lah... I didn't know that it was so many things to do and plan. Just To do the planing and categorize the parking lot also take half day talk talk... Now I understand why some people in their company once say MEETING their face all long long one! 
hehehe Ok lah so once is ready for the pesta we will update in the Fb page HERE!!
I also can't wait to sell my home stuff... at home I have many kids stuff must let go... Buang also sayang.. so hope this PB can someone buy away my items!!
Guys please come support support oK!

Meeting with the team how should we locate the seller! 

We even plan the PB date and location until the end of 2014!!!
Serious one we all Don't play play..hehehe 

 I was wondering if we can do it inside the hall here.... Isn't it awesome!! all seller car just parking in side there. From morning until evening also not need to worries hot and sweating!!
But the question is how much is renter!!! I don't have budget oh.....