My Mobile Work Station

I know lately start from this year my blog update has a bit slow now. Is not because that I lazy or what is because now my time table has change not like last year anymore! Morning have to send my daughter to school then send my wife to work then go home eat breakfast, bath then have to go to school pickup my daughter... after launch have to send her to extra class... then send her home then pick up my wife! By the time finish dinner already tired my eyes cannot stand want to fall asleep...
Last year still got my sister help me to send n pickup my daughter... now is my turn I help her so now I less time to update my blog only free to IG, Tweet and FB!

But now no more worries sudah!!! I found a simply solution here which is I move my workstation from my room now in my car! hehehe I'm smart right! I have thinking for this since this year before Chinese New Year already! How can I do my work in the car. So I went to Ebay and found this very useful tray that just hang on the steering wheel and become a table! I bought it last month and today it finally arrived. It cost me only B$19.00 include the shipping. It has two side.. One side you can use a dinning table hehehe... and the other side one can use for office table!! I think is worth it for what I paid.. If I want it to be higher just to suit my hight for typing I just adjust my steering up or down saja! Is very light weight and keep or hide at any corner of your car! So far I don't see in town got any shop selling this thing here. If you thinking to get one of this.. don't ask me to sell to you oh.. go ebay buy yourself. type Steering Wheel Tray look for the cheapest price and shipping one! Hope you like what I sharing here!

 This side is for makan!!! got cup holder also... not bad right! too bad cannot one side driving one side eat lah..hehehe

This side is do your work.. can put your pen and laptop!! 

This is how my mobile workstation look now!! Cool or not?