Month End Buffet at Royal Brunei Polo

Bruthers!!! I don't know you know or not lah... Me just know it last week that the Jerudong Polo club there every month end Saturday they have a International Buffet one!! This already started 2 months ago so last week Saturday I went to try it eh... not bad oh!!!
The buffet start at 7pm close at 10pm!! More than 50 dishes got local cook, japanese sushi, orang putih style, Thai style, hawker center style, Kampong style macam-macam masak pun ada!!  Adult is B$25.00 children only B$12.50!!
Is worth to try lah... One thing I really impress one is the Grill Fresh Seafood station! What you see the seafood there you just ask the chef to cook for you!! You have one family want to eat the big fish also can... No extra charge one!! Of coz we not encourage people waste the food lah so make sure you can finish the food!
I really don't know that they have such the awesome buffet here... All this time I only tot that this place is for the member only! Now even I'm not the member I also can come and enjoy and relax here!
The swimming pool also can use... just pay B$3.00 (per person) or after makan want to play bowling also can only B$5.00 per game!
Oh... one more thing, every Sunday they have High-Tea from 2pm-6pm adult B$15.00 children B$8.00 then you can go swim is free!!!
Not bad right!! mmm next time I can bring my kids come here sudah!!

Hey... I know this chef!!! He is my ex-classmate!!!

This is not for display!!! Is real one don't play play... You want sotong, Udang, Katam, Ikan just pick and let the chef cook for you.. Normally they do is grill is with Sambal.
Hey.. is that the Stingray?? Chef...... I want StingRay and Prawn thank you!

Sushi!!! Yahoo... 

Chef.... Please Lamb Me!!!

Dessert corner 

All right my sambal stingray and prawn arrived, Is nom nom time!!! 

You also can come here swim too just pay B$3.00 only!! After swimming then eat buffet.. Perfect!

Eh.... Not bad oh, Lunch time I can come here with my wife next time.