McDonald's Birthday Party Package

As a parents celebrate their children's birthday also one of the sakit kepala thing!!! If you haven't got children you don't know how it feel one! Especially when your children told you - Papa Papa my birthday I want to invite ALLLLLL my friends to come!!!! Hahah that moment is like another wallet disaster!! 
So normally I celebrate my children's birthday outside not at home! Coz at home you have to cook, then have to clean up after the party, some more the guest have to look for your house, cari parking... wah many things to do lah!!!
 If you having the same problem like I do as above now no more sakit kepala sudah lah... Every thing pass it to McDonald's let them help you to do everything! Today they have release their new Birthday Party Package!! You want celebrate at their outlet or come to your house also can!! Even you want them go to your kids kindergarten there to celebrate also can no problem lah! 
It just need a minimum food purchase B$250.00 above you are using the Big Mcd Room to do the party in there! 
If school one need to have food order B$120.00 above
I like the school package... $120.00 plus 30 party pack($4.00 each)  $120.00 all together only $240.00!
Mmmm I think I can do that for my daughter birthday at her school lagi bette!!! 

Party Pack and the Happy Meal! 

 This is the Big McD Room!