Jerudong Park Renovation

This is the good news to the Brunei and the people too! I been waiting for this day to come until my neck long like Giraffe already. This is a place when we all use to be lepak when we are young during 90's every weekend is like Gadong payday on this day. Look for parking also very hard! If we go there sure convoy 9 to 10 cars there... very happening one! But after 1997 this park slowly become like a abandon Area51. Ride slowly one by one sold. Rosak and buang. Go there also like nothing to see liao talk also can hear echo in the park.. hehehe
Before this they also have add some new games there but macam more like for teenager to play. Last two year I did bring my daughter there but there is nothing she can play... Even the play ground also like not so clean and we have bite by the sand fly there. So until now I didn't bring her here anymore!

But now no more! Few days ago I pass by here and I saw they having a big renovation. The diamond ring now finally having a big shower there! nice to see this happen.... I sure soon this place it going to be our family hot spot soon! I saw they also making some new ride too... look very interesting oh!!
I wish I can put some suggestion to the park which is selling some light foods and beverages in the park not just in the food court only! Just like the other amusement park they do have selling cold ice drink out side the ride!!! So visitor not need to go out far far just to buy a little F&B!!!
Oh..... Ice Cream is a must!!!! 
Hope they can fast fast open it again before July-August the long school holiday!!

 This place....mmmm I have a lot of sweet memories there..hehehe

I wonder what they do there... is it the Ferris Wheel ka?? If wanna build let's build the taller's one in Asia!! hehe