Is Really Hot So I Dip My Window

WalauEh Jialat lah the weather this few day! So Damm Hot like at oven... walk out the door I feel like I'm a grill chicken out there. Even the day got few minutes of rain also no use I think is making it more worse like in the sauna room. Just walk out the room few minutes only and I started sweating already! 
Even now I inside my car with the aircon full blast also can few the sunlight making my car warm and my arm like bite by the light! When I stop my car in the school wait for my daughter finish school that is the worse moment!! I can feel the heat from the back of my car slowly warming to the front! So this morning before I went to pick up my baby I use the Plasti Dip to spray on my 3rd row seat window to cut down the light and heat entering my car. Normally my 3rd row seat I put it down just for more space for put stuff and for grocery that's is why this place is always a bit warm coz a/c wind not reach until there! Hey.. It works bruthers! after I cover it with the plasti dip I can feel that is a bit cooler inside my car! I don't need to on full blast with the a/c now. On number 2 saja the wind and is enough.
I know this is illegal if kana road block sure kana saman one but I don't care lah... our weather now not like 20 years ago! Now we have Globe Warming and Climate Change issue things has to change now! The old law is not working with me sudah lah... I more concern my health and my children more than that telling not to tinted the window!!!
I'm not saying everyone should follow what I do but it just that I cannot stand the heat of what we have right now!! I choose my life to make it better way!!