Cheeze Soup Noodle

In my blog I had show you guys how to cook some thing that you never try before! Today I got my another Tiger's Meal... heheh I know this Instant Noodle is a bit weird maybe you cannot accept it lah but for some youngster I'm sure many of them had already try it! Some even have their own recipe. They use Maggi Curry or Indon Mee to cook with the cheese! For the older people for sure they cannot take it one... how can Cheese cook with the instant noodle!
Let me tell you uncle and auntie!! Yes it can... and the taste is you never expected is nice also! 
Today my wife she also the first time try my Cheeze Noodle and she like it now!
How to cook my Cheeze Noodle it actually is very simple one. I prefer use the noodle which is got soup one! My favorite one is use the Japanese brand noodle which is the one you see on the photo! The chicken flavor one also nice too but I like the prawn one more!
My Cheeze Noodle nothing much fancy one... Just need to add an egg and a piece of cheese that's it! Why I want add the cheese that is because the cheese can make the soup taste more creamy. But remember the water have to add 10% more as usual coz the cheese already salty if not the noodle it over salt tu!! So now come I show you how I cook my Cheeze Noodle

First is the put the noodle in the boiling water! I add 10% more water if not later very salty tu bro!!!

Make sure the noodle the open all separate the you can add the egg!!

After I add the egg then I no stir or kacau it!! Coz I prefer my egg can see the york one like the moon!!!

Then I add the Seasoning!! The reason I put the seasoning after the egg is because I don't want my egg take away the taste and also I can control the salty less or more from here! If the water still have a lot then I put more!!! If not much water already I put less!!

Ok here are the last part!! Before turn off the fire place the cheese on top it!! Don't stir don't kacau it will melt one once you pour into your bowl!

That's it!!! This is my Cheeze Soup Noodle!!! It has a little bit taste like the Japanese Milk Soup Lamen!! Try it and enjoy bruthers!