Business Social

Yesterday I send my wife to Giant Supermarket at Kg.Rimba there to meet up someone who want to buy Unicity from her. She been doing well with the products for quite some time already. She also same like other using the social media like Facebook or Instagram to promoting and help to do the sale. Then we stop at the Giant car park there is a around 6pm. The place I park there is was quite far away from the supermarket... but funny thing is saw there is me are not the only car park far far away from the supermarket to wait for some one!!! 
I saw there is more than 15 car there and everyone are stay in the car look at the phone... like waiting for someone there. 
After that I realise those people there also same like my wife they all are selling stuff in the internet and came here to meet their customer!!
In just a 30 minutes saja I saw 15 people meet the customer and pass the items they order! You know what I saw they selling?? It has Cake, Watch, clothes, tudong, gadgets, car exhaust pipe, cat and even a guy meet his customer here to sell his car!! there is other side of the car park I can't see what they selling most probably is gadget lah.
It make me feel curious about what they has selling especially the one next to my car who sell cat! I really feel like what to go next to her door and look at the cat.. it is cute i may want to buy! And also the guy who sell his old car... I also feel like want to see see look look there.. if is cheap like few hundred dollar saja..why not! i also can offer the owner my prices to buy from him too!!
At that moment I started wondering where and how are this people can find what they selling in the social network. No way you just add add add people add you or you just join the group or like the page just like that!!! 
Then I just told this Giant car park are not the only hot spot where people came here to meet up and sell/pass their things. Lambak Soon Lee there also one of the hot spot where people meet up there after working hour like 6pm too. Then how bout the Beribi Supasave, Mall etc... I'm sure that's places also got people meet up there too.

At that moment I suddenly got an idea but this people set a time and location for meet up!
What if I can create a event and gather all the people who selling their items in the FB/IG in one day or half day to allow the other visitors to know their product?? And this is only do at a car park by using your car!
Yes it just like a Xpo at ICC or Bridex but this is more cheap cheap cheaper that their booth doing there!! We all know not all the people can afford that $800.00 per booth just to sell a little things right! but still some people like us small kaki one a.k.a Extra Small Medium Enterprise we also want to join this too.
So I thinking why not I do a Car Booth Sale. You have things to sell in FB/IG or used items can come here just pay a little amount like $15.00-$30.00 park your car there and open your bonnet sell you stuff. At the same time the seller also can show their website/FB/IG to the visitors so hang on the car booth there! Make a QR code for the seller so customer can scan that and like their FB page... So when next time want to place their order also easy!! Then after that they can meet up some where and  do the delivery!

Then I went to talk to a event company he also think this is an good idea of what I have... Create a platform to the everyone can meet up, social and selling stuff just need to pay a small amount money!!
We plan to do this event soon maybe someday in May!! The event name we also ready for that is call "PESTA BONET" and also create a Facebook page for it already Click LIKE and join please! Now just need to apply some thing like the approval, location etc...
If you want to taking part of this event please join up!!
mmmm.... I thinking maybe I can use my #project1983 the green HulkJaro to put all my babies toys inside there and sale too!!! So see you soon.....