Beachathon Preparation

Yes... this few day I really busy!!! Go here Rush there.. sampai I don't even have extra time to do my blog!!
This sunday is my another Beach Bunch project.. the Beachathon!! This year is the 3rd year already and I gonna have a lot of thing to prepare it!! Camp, Toilet, Banner, Prize, Send letter etc... this is enough to make me dizzy! Thanks to the other team member to help me out too if not I also don't know how to make it right! 
So here is another preparation... we went to the beach and checking the trail and collect some rubbish for the game car "Guess The Weight" see who can get the closer answer then will win a awesome prize!!! which is an Smart Phone! 
I hope is gonna be a nice good day.. no rain no big sun lah!!! So wish me luck lah everything go smooth smooth!!  

 Eh... this time the river mouth is different last year one oh!!!

 People catch fish there!

 I really like this place~ It make me feel like I'm in other country! 

If our beach can everyday clean like that awesome!! 

As usual lah.... Everytime after I go Merangang Beach I sure come Taty's Cafe eat their Lamb Burger and look my face in the paper there!! hehehe Do I look younger or older?