An G-Shock Shop In Town!!

One of my buddy since last year he already told me that his who who who want to bring the G-Shock and open one shop in town just same same Singapore and KL one! That time I just diam diam listen saja lah don't know is this real or not. For me if my eyes still haven't see it real it still talk talk saja!
That time he told me is gonna open at the Bandar Yayasan there and today I went to Yayasan food court eat with my family I saw a shop at 1st floor inside already have the watch cabinet with CASIO and G-Shock sign poster! It make thing like a G-Factory lah.... If this is real is gonna be awesome loh!!
Coz I'm a G-Shock fans and I know there is a lot of Bruthers out there also G-Shock kaki here!!!
Hehehe can't wait to see it open!! I'm sure the time open guaranty many G-Shock kaki faces I know they show up one!!
The shop is just at the staircase water fountain up stair next to the Big Foot!! If is open I'll update it first in my FB and IG there!