HolandChun a.k.a Brunei Junkyard

Oh.... Me really really got long long long time no come here already!!! I think I got nearly 20 years didn't step inside here the HolandChun at the Limau Manis there.. this is also the only biggest Junkyard in Brunei. I think inside got more than 500 cars there.
If is not because of my #HulkJero I also not coming here to look for my parts~ Coming here you have to tahan sweat, hot, and free feeding their mosquitoes there~~ Some of the parts you have to go deep in the junkyard and look for yourself..mmm ya a bit like Self service lah!
Most of the parts here are for old cars, if you can't find your old car part in the shop then you want to come here and try your luck so this place definitely is not for a lady to come one!!
 Me today I'm lucky to found the door rubber coz my Hulkjero both side already weak and during raining water come in from the door upper part! Wet my car seat like swimming pool... Hope this door frame rubber can stop the water coming from the top lah!

Engine, Gearbox, Regulator, Suspension macam-macam ada lah!!

Sometime I have a big question mark.. How do they remember what part is where, What part still have and how do they bring in and stake up the cars one!!

Do you find you old car here???

This place is huge... and I sweat like cow now!!! I only worries one thing here is got Bees or snake hiding in the car or not!

This is the one I looking for!!!! Susah lah I looking for you.....

Check the place with the Bird Eye View!!! As you can see how big and many cars there! 

Is Really Hot So I Dip My Window

WalauEh Jialat lah the weather this few day! So Damm Hot like at oven... walk out the door I feel like I'm a grill chicken out there. Even the day got few minutes of rain also no use I think is making it more worse like in the sauna room. Just walk out the room few minutes only and I started sweating already! 
Even now I inside my car with the aircon full blast also can few the sunlight making my car warm and my arm like bite by the light! When I stop my car in the school wait for my daughter finish school that is the worse moment!! I can feel the heat from the back of my car slowly warming to the front! So this morning before I went to pick up my baby I use the Plasti Dip to spray on my 3rd row seat window to cut down the light and heat entering my car. Normally my 3rd row seat I put it down just for more space for put stuff and for grocery that's is why this place is always a bit warm coz a/c wind not reach until there! Hey.. It works bruthers! after I cover it with the plasti dip I can feel that is a bit cooler inside my car! I don't need to on full blast with the a/c now. On number 2 saja the wind and is enough.
I know this is illegal if kana road block sure kana saman one but I don't care lah... our weather now not like 20 years ago! Now we have Globe Warming and Climate Change issue things has to change now! The old law is not working with me sudah lah... I more concern my health and my children more than that telling not to tinted the window!!!
I'm not saying everyone should follow what I do but it just that I cannot stand the heat of what we have right now!! I choose my life to make it better way!!

An G-Shock Shop In Town!!

One of my buddy since last year he already told me that his who who who want to bring the G-Shock and open one shop in town just same same Singapore and KL one! That time I just diam diam listen saja lah don't know is this real or not. For me if my eyes still haven't see it real it still talk talk saja!
That time he told me is gonna open at the Bandar Yayasan there and today I went to Yayasan food court eat with my family I saw a shop at 1st floor inside already have the watch cabinet with CASIO and G-Shock sign poster! It make thing like a G-Factory lah.... If this is real is gonna be awesome loh!!
Coz I'm a G-Shock fans and I know there is a lot of Bruthers out there also G-Shock kaki here!!!
Hehehe can't wait to see it open!! I'm sure the time open guaranty many G-Shock kaki faces I know they show up one!!
The shop is just at the staircase water fountain up stair next to the Big Foot!! If is open I'll update it first in my FB and IG there!  

EPL Quiz Ball

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Cheeze Soup Noodle

In my blog I had show you guys how to cook some thing that you never try before! Today I got my another Tiger's Meal... heheh I know this Instant Noodle is a bit weird maybe you cannot accept it lah but for some youngster I'm sure many of them had already try it! Some even have their own recipe. They use Maggi Curry or Indon Mee to cook with the cheese! For the older people for sure they cannot take it one... how can Cheese cook with the instant noodle!
Let me tell you uncle and auntie!! Yes it can... and the taste is you never expected is nice also! 
Today my wife she also the first time try my Cheeze Noodle and she like it now!
How to cook my Cheeze Noodle it actually is very simple one. I prefer use the noodle which is got soup one! My favorite one is use the Japanese brand noodle which is the one you see on the photo! The chicken flavor one also nice too but I like the prawn one more!
My Cheeze Noodle nothing much fancy one... Just need to add an egg and a piece of cheese that's it! Why I want add the cheese that is because the cheese can make the soup taste more creamy. But remember the water have to add 10% more as usual coz the cheese already salty if not the noodle it over salt tu!! So now come I show you how I cook my Cheeze Noodle

First is the put the noodle in the boiling water! I add 10% more water if not later very salty tu bro!!!

Make sure the noodle the open all separate the you can add the egg!!

After I add the egg then I no stir or kacau it!! Coz I prefer my egg can see the york one like the moon!!!

Then I add the Seasoning!! The reason I put the seasoning after the egg is because I don't want my egg take away the taste and also I can control the salty less or more from here! If the water still have a lot then I put more!!! If not much water already I put less!!

Ok here are the last part!! Before turn off the fire place the cheese on top it!! Don't stir don't kacau it will melt one once you pour into your bowl!

That's it!!! This is my Cheeze Soup Noodle!!! It has a little bit taste like the Japanese Milk Soup Lamen!! Try it and enjoy bruthers! 

Month End Buffet at Royal Brunei Polo

Bruthers!!! I don't know you know or not lah... Me just know it last week that the Jerudong Polo club there every month end Saturday they have a International Buffet one!! This already started 2 months ago so last week Saturday I went to try it eh... not bad oh!!!
The buffet start at 7pm close at 10pm!! More than 50 dishes got local cook, japanese sushi, orang putih style, Thai style, hawker center style, Kampong style macam-macam masak pun ada!!  Adult is B$25.00 children only B$12.50!!
Is worth to try lah... One thing I really impress one is the Grill Fresh Seafood station! What you see the seafood there you just ask the chef to cook for you!! You have one family want to eat the big fish also can... No extra charge one!! Of coz we not encourage people waste the food lah so make sure you can finish the food!
I really don't know that they have such the awesome buffet here... All this time I only tot that this place is for the member only! Now even I'm not the member I also can come and enjoy and relax here!
The swimming pool also can use... just pay B$3.00 (per person) or after makan want to play bowling also can only B$5.00 per game!
Oh... one more thing, every Sunday they have High-Tea from 2pm-6pm adult B$15.00 children B$8.00 then you can go swim is free!!!
Not bad right!! mmm next time I can bring my kids come here sudah!!

Hey... I know this chef!!! He is my ex-classmate!!!

This is not for display!!! Is real one don't play play... You want sotong, Udang, Katam, Ikan just pick and let the chef cook for you.. Normally they do is grill is with Sambal.
Hey.. is that the Stingray?? Chef...... I want StingRay and Prawn thank you!

Sushi!!! Yahoo... 

Chef.... Please Lamb Me!!!

Dessert corner 

All right my sambal stingray and prawn arrived, Is nom nom time!!! 

You also can come here swim too just pay B$3.00 only!! After swimming then eat buffet.. Perfect!

Eh.... Not bad oh, Lunch time I can come here with my wife next time. 

They Both Want To Say Thank You!!!

Guys!!!! I need your little bit of help here! Can you please help me to share this post? Coz one of my reader she and her husband want to say thank you to the people who help them and save their life during the day 12th April around 10am along the Mumong Highway there they accident! Their car skidded and flipped several times!!! They both have no chance to say thank you for those people on the spot who help them so I hope I can give a little help here hope those people who help them can read this message!!

TeaZone Moved To Gadong Food Court

Do you still remember this place's chicken rice? The Teazone's Chicken Rice that I said is very nice one at the Beribi behind the Maju Motor (VW) showroom there?
Last Month I went there again with my friend wanna eat the yummy chicken rice but they didn't not open! At first I tot they are rest or what so ever so didn't bother. But after few I went there again there are still close then I just realize they're no more open already. I was very disappoint why such a nice yummy chicken rice not selling anymore! 
I try to looking for the owner is he open at other place.. ask so many friends then I finally they had move to the Gadong Properties food court there (a.k.a FoodZone)
When I heard that they are still serve their chicken rice I feel like strike jackpot so tonight I bring my wife and kids go there eat dinner.
The taste is still the same lah no change and if you plan to go eat after you read this post then I recommended tomorrow Saturday 26th April you better go eat! Coz start from tomorrow 26th April till 28th April 2014 (3days) their chicken rice only B$2.00 saja!!! Yes no tipu you one is $2.00!!! Where can cari this lobang oh!!! So don't miss it oh... Rugi nanti tu!!!

Look for their Stall No 6!! Just next to the Kojo Teppanyaki!! 

 26-28 April their Chicken Rice only B$2.00.
Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Fried Chicken is B$3.00!!!

Oh Baby.... I found you again!!!

Welcome Home #Hulkjero

People say: Slowly take time cook the food and it will taste good which is just like the BBQ fast and big fire always cannot beat the slow red heat to gill!
My #Hulkjero finally come out from the workshop and now back to home! For the past few months I'm sure many of you have follow my #Project1983 from a rusty, fated color, holes here and there to become like today you won't believe this is a first model of Mitsubishi Pajero has already 30 years old and look like new now! 
My friends asked my how much I had spent to restore it, For me Money is not the Issue! What I want is the quality of the workmanship!! 
My #Hulkjero use 7 layers of Paint and 6 layers Lacquer to complete the job!! That's is why I really happy and satisfied.
But #Project1983 has not ended here.... it still have more to do. There is some more things to fix and add on. Like today I bring his to fix the aircon, change rims and tyre! 
About the interior of coz have to do also, Engine also have to do some thing coz I found there is a little oil leak from the Power Steering, Break also not so good, Engine Gasket have to change, Suspension need to upgrade so and so and so!!! Now also can drive but not that soik lah.. So next time you see this #Hulkjero on the road you know inside has a Wild Animal driving it...heheheheh!!

I really love the Paint Job done by my old friend!! If you look closer the color actually will change under the sun!! At some angle it look like lime green, metallic green and also dark green!!
Before and After!!!

Bring to my friend's shop to fix the aircon!! No aircon I cannot tahan oh... feels like driving inside a Sauna room oh Don't Play Play!

After fixing the AC then went to put up the new shoes!!

Welcome home again #Hulkjero !!!!

Beachathon 2014

Another Year.... Another Beachathon!!!
This is the 3rd Year of Beach Bunch's Beachathon and also in conjunction with the Earth Day. Every year the Beachathon flag off at the Meragang Beach so this year also the same thing we start at 7:45am and end at 9:30am.
Our Beachathon is not like others Marathon run far far and thousand of people participate!
We only do the lesiure walk on the right side of the Meragang Beach. Just to enjoy the beach and show they participate of Beautiful of our beach there and also the Ugly part which is nearly 2KM long of rubbish lying on the beach having sunbathing everyday! Is Beachathon is more like a education trip to show and tell out next generation how important to keep out beaches clean!
Today we have 128 participants came to joined us... Not only just walk walk saja, we also have a winner she won a Alcatel Glorxy X smartphone on getting the weight nearly right on our 'Guess the weight' contest!!

Thanks for coming and make Beachathon happening again once more!
When I look back the pass Beachathon I realize in this 3 years I wearing the same paint for this event!! hehehe

I pengsan... Who can do CPR for me!!!

Is Selfie Time using Monopod!!!

Behind the scenes of my Selfie!!! hahahah

Ok this is the real one!!!! No use Umbrella...

Hehehe... Is she hugging her invisible friend ka???

Gals.. you won't lost in the jungle here.. Just follow the Sun!!!

There you go.... we have reach to the river mouth here! 

Do you see school of fish there?

This is a selfie under the hot sun look... hahahaha

Dayang Nur Arinah she won a Alcatel Glorxy X!!